Friday, July 13, 2007

"Get the Light Saber OUT of the Iguana"

No reason for the title, other than I just needed SOMETHING to make me laugh, and that has to be the funniest "mommy" phrase I have ever heard myself say (fortunately it was a plastic iguana).

What a week! Recap: The Great Ice Pop Chase, Toby's passing and funeral, all the logistical arrangements for the boys so we can go to NYC, the trip to NYC, and then Sofia's fever. Which got even worse last night (after she threw up at Micah's camp show).

She didn't completely throw up again, but we could hear her tummy bubbling from the next room at around 11pm. We gave her another cool bath and got her fever headed down again.

This morning she started fussing around 5am. Temp at that point was 100.4. I managed to get her back to sleep. At 7:15, when I was done with my shower, her temp was back up to 102.4, and this morning she was not at all interested in eating and barely interested in drinking.

Fortunately, the fever really seemed to break after that dose of Ibuprophen. But by then the doc wanted to see her, to rule out anything nasty. The quick-strep test was negative, and her ears were fine, but her throat is still red. AND since she's barely eating or drinking, she did not have a wet diaper all morning. I was told to check back in with the nurse by 3:00.

Sofia fell asleep in the car on the way home, and the cleaning ladies were just arriving when we got here, so I put Sofia in her stroller and the two of us napped in the back yard. The nurse called at 2pm to check on her, and said that if she didn't have a wet diaper by 3pm, we'd need to go to the hospital for an IV! Yikes, at 3pm I had to start driving around to pick up all the boys (since J's dad was having his back surgery today, I was to pick up at both Sam's camp AND Micah's bus stop).

Fortuntately, I managed to get Sofia to eat a whole PediaPop when she awoke from her nap, and then she did indeed have a wet diaper. Whew. So off we went to pick up the boys. Sam and J were late coming up from the Shabbat celebration, so we made it to Micah's bus stop just as the bus was at the light. Then I got all the kids some ice cream (but Sofia refused to eat it - totally unlike her).

By the time we got home, Sam was a wreck. He needed to poop, and wouldn't admit it, so he just kept having tantrums and hissy fits. The neighbors were all playing outside when we got home, but by the time I got down there with the boys and Sofia, I'd had it - they all suggested I go home and have a Margarita! I wish.

Shabbat dinner started out very stressfully, since both my boys were off-the-wall miserable and Sofia was not feeling well again. But fortunately, once people started eating, things got better. Sofia ate a lot, and although she refused to drink when we were looking at her, twice David heard her gulping water, only to have her toss the cup at him if he turned to look at her.

All the kids took baths or showers, and FINALLY they are all asleep (J is sleeping over tonight). Now David and I are having trouble with our wireless Booster, so I'm sitting in the living room (since I get no reception on the Mac in this house).

Hopefully it will be a more peaceful weekend. Shul in the morning, maybe go to a bubble-car show in the afternoon, and friends over in the evening, and the pool club on Sunday.

Oh! There was a funny moment this morning: After I dropped off the boys and raced home to clean up the house in preparation for the cleaning ladies (come on, you all do it!), Sofia and I went to Shoppers World to help R work on her wedding registry and just hang out before the pediatrician appointment. We went into Marshalls, because R was looking for nice flip-flops for the girls. As soon as Sofia saw all the lovely little girl shoes, she started frantically signing "shoes" over and over! That's my girl. We tried on an adorable pair of pink Merrills, but opted for pink Stride Rite sandals instead (only $14.99!). It took her a while this afternoon to get used to them, but by evening, she was running around our neighbor's driveway like a pro.