Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rampaging Toddler

She's run amok today. She refuses to nap (I've tried 4 times, including driving an extra 30 minutes). She's completely wrecked my downstairs. All the Tupperware is strewn across the floor. There are cracker crumbs everywhere (she signs "cracker" so nicely!). She keeps hitting the music button Micah's "Diego" backpack to hear the funky Latin Jazz music. I've had to pull her away from the garbage pail 6 times. She's experimenting with everything she can reach, including putting her head into the paper bag on the floor. Now she's trying to put a disposable sippy cup lid on top of her straw-sippy (she already tried adding an extra straw). She is SOOOOOO funny!

I'm exhausted, both from running after her (trying to stop her from touching EVERYTHING!), and from all the details of the past two days, arraigning rides for the boys and dealing with The Great Popsicle Problem.

The Great Popsicle Problem: At Camp Grossman, they serve the kids ice pops each day to cool off. My friend L is the nurse, and she checked the packaging - there is apple juice in the ice pops, so Micah is allergic to them.

So I sent in a bag full of ice pops that he wasn't allergic to. But I sent the pops in a ziplock bag, without the label. The kitchen firmly sent them back, demanding to see the heksure (kosher marking). Since I had thrown the box away, I had to try again.

So I searched until I finally found something labeled and acceptable. I handed the bus counselors an entire box of Stop&Shop brand Citrus pops yesterday morning.

Micah got off the bus in the afternoon practically melting. Not only had he lost his bathing suit (not sure where, since I very clearly remember putting it into his backpack), but he had not gotten any ice pop. He didn't know why. So I chase the bus to the pool, to question the counselors. Turns out some other kid had brought in ice pops for a birthday treat, but they used Micah's pops instead! But she knew there were at least 2 pops left, so he was ok for today.

This morning I spoke with the nurse and she'll go get him another box. Thursday nigth is his bunk's Family Night, so I'll look for his bathing suit in the Lost & Found (if he doesn't find it today).

In the mean time, I had to figure out all the logistics for tonight and tomorrow. The boys will sleep over M's house tonight, and she can drop Micah his bus stop on her way to taking Sam and her son to their camp, and another dad will get Micah onto the bus. But M's hubby is having a surgical procedure in the afternoon, so while she can arrange the other boys to stay late, she couldn't pick up Micah. So I found another friend on Micah's bus (the one good part of racing to Clearbrook to catch the bus!), who will take him home tomorrow for a while. Whew!

So now David and Sofia and I can go to Toby's funeral. I've gotta go pack. But today is my "Get It Done" day - I've booked the 5 rooms needed for R's wedding, ordered contact lenses and a new camera, edited the TI survey, and booked dentist appointments for all three kids. I guess now I have to clean up the house from whirlwind Sofia!

(Oh, now she's talking to a Tea Ball...)