Thursday, October 11, 2007

Challah Braiding

I went to a neat program tonight at the local Chabad center. Learned how to double-braid a challah (6 strands), and I just baked the most delicious-looking challah for tomorrow night. I also got to see my friend S and spend time talking to the lady from the bookshop, whom I've never formally met but who is always really nice at the store. It was really fun.

Now David is online trying to figure out all our travels. I think this is what is going on: Thanksgiving week, the kids are going to my parents and David and I are going to Quebec. Then early December he's off to Melbourne (and he's really unhappy that I won't pull the boys out of school for 2 weeks, but tough). Then we head out to Israel Dec. 21 or 22, until probably Jan. 2. Whew!

And I've been online searching for flights for the Girls' Weekend in January (MLK) - J's stepmom has given us the use of a timeshare somewhere.

Miss Sofia gave us a scare today. This morning she was being a real pill - bouncing all over, demanding to be held, spilling her food all over. I was trying hard to make breakfast and lunch for the boys, so I told Sam to take her upstairs to David. Well, Sam did take her upstairs, but didn't close the gate (we've been getting lax). Suddenly - THUMP THUMP THUMP - Sofia is at the bottom of the stairs.

Oy. Thank Heavens she's ok. Scared the daylights out of us.

She was really bouncy all day, and of course she didn't take a nap until we got into the car at 2:45 to get the boys. She slept 2 hours (transfered to the crib when we got home), so apparently she was up watching TV with dada while I was making challah!

Sam started guitar lessons on Tuesday. He liked it. But of course the teacher told me to get his guitar repaired. That $20 guitar would cost $30 to "repair" (it lacks a metal rod in the neck). Silly. So I told Sam that if he really makes it through the first 5 lessons, maybe I'll get a real guitar

Now I need a piano tacher for Micah. He's been playing "Heart & Soul" really well already. My friend C has the name of a guy who will actually come to the house (which is great, except that the other day, Micah informed me that his teacher should be a girl and have long straight hair).

Resolution made: When Sofia starts nursery school in February, I'm joining the local Curves, and now I'm considering Weight Watchers. Sigh. When did I get this big?