Sunday, October 21, 2007

Micah-isms, and Barf-Fest continues

Well, I made it through the dinner Friday night (PLEASE, if anyone who attends the dinner reads this, PLEASE consider helping out - I love serving you and your family, but I'm just a volunteer, with my own family too!). I left both Sofia and Sam home with the babysitter, and David got home to take care of them at 6. So it was just Micah and me, which was lovely. He had a grand time, because he had a lot of friends, and he was very helpful setting the tables.

But it really was a lot of work for me, and I'm so grateful to the shul's custodian for helping me serve and clean up!

I collapsed into bed as soon as I got home...and then the fun began. At 3am, Sam started barfing. And at 6 am, so did I.

We stayed in all day Saturday, while Sam and I alternated barfing and sleeping. David did about 40 loads of laundry (did I mention that Micah also pee'ed in his bed?). I just couldn't drag myself out of bed all day. Finally, at 4:45 I took a shower. We did manage to go out to dinner with our friends N&P to celebrate their anniversary, but all I had was some potatoes and rice, and I practically fell asleep at the table.

I must have had a fever at midnight, because I was freezing but David said my skin was very hot. After I took some acetaminophen, I felt much better 'tho.

So this morning, Sam and I both felt well enough to go to soccer. David stayed home with Sofia, so I could just sit and relax at the game, and the weather was really nice, so it wasn't too bad. When we got home, I took a quick shower (hadn't had time in the morning), and then we met David and Sofia at our friends' house for a reunion of the Chaverim Club (young parents' club) from shul. It's been 10 years since we all met.

We stayed until 5:30 (well, David left at 2:30 to catch a plane to Baltimore). The boys and Sofia had a blast. But I think I have an ear infection now - I'm really dizzy. This is NOT fun. I feel awful. (And I can't seem to do my Hebrew homework at all!).

Anyway, here are the Micah-ism of the week:

1) Last Sunday, as we were leaving the renaissance festival, Micah insisted on buying a red rose, which he named "Rosie". He talked to Rosie the whole way home, and every day this week, he's checked on her. He even has a coffin ready for when she dies (I did explain that Rosie has a very short life expectancy).

2) On Wednesday, I was driving my guys and another boy, M, to school. The 3 boys all sat in the back, giggling and talking. There was a momentary lull in the conversation, and then Micah chimed in:
"Behold, I am Zeus, G-d of Flashlights!"

3) This is the best. On Friday, after my sleepless night with sick Sofia, I drive the boys to school, and they are argueing like crazy. Sam is in the crabby start of this tummy bug, and Micah was just really irritable (he also refused to put on socks or sneakers that morning). The big argument was :

Sam would not turn down the volume on the imaginary DVD player!

Micah was ballistic. "IT'S TOO LOUD".

Nothing I did would help. "Micah, I turned it down up here." I saud, trying to give in to his fit of fantasy. "No, it's too loud!". "

"Micah, you realize there's not actually a DVD player in the car, right?" "Sam has to turn it down!"

I could not wait to get to school and get them out of my car!

Just remember my mantra:

I love being a mommy. I love being a mommy. I love being a mommy.

Uh huh.