Monday, October 8, 2007

End of an extended weekend

The boys go back to school tomorrow - finally! They've been off for 5 fays, and we've been fairly busy, but I can tell Sam is in need of a bit more structure, and Micah is getting bossy and irritable again. So back we go.

I ended up staying awake until nearly 2am Saturday night, playing with my new toys (I finally did figure out how to synch the iPhone with Entourage; so far so good). Sunday morning at 8:15, David rolls over and wakes me - "Don't you have to leave now?" Yikes! I had exactly one hour to get up, dressed, and get the boys to soccer! Fortunately David stayed home with Sofia, so we actually got through HoneyDew (our Sunday morning breakfast treat - egg and cheese english muffins, and a VERY large coffee for me!) and made it soccer just 2 minutes late. Whew! Micah's team only had 4 kids, and the team they were playing only had 3, so it was in interesting game. And Sam still didn't feel well, so we left before his game started.

That also worked out ok, because then Micah got to E's birthday party on time (instead of an hour late). Then I took Sam home, and David and I (with some help from Sofia) sorted through our enormous CD collection (well over 1,000), while Sam watched an Elvis movie.

Then David said "Don't you have to pick up Micah?" Ooops. Made it in time, 'tho. Got home, we continued cleaning the house and did a little relaxing (which means the kids watched a movie in our room while David tried to nap and I played on the computer more).

Then an old friend of David's, from grade school, came to visit with his family. Turns out then live about 10 minutes away (funny, because they were in school in CT, where we all grew up). And even funnier was that his wife and I recognized each other - she'd brought their daughter to the PreSchool program at MWJDS this week, when I was the substitute music teacher!

We had a nice isit - they brought pizza. Their kids are little, so Sam went back upstairs after pizza, but Micah stayed down and played with their older girl a bit. The mom is a pediatric allergist, so we had a lot to talk about, between food allergies and the day school!

I stayed up late again last night, too. This morning I didn't want to go anywhere or do anything. It rained today, which we REALLY need, but the grey day made us all drowzy. But we did get out for a while. to go see a magic show sponsored by the Autism Alliance, and then we had lunch with my friend R and her girls and another of their friends. The magic show was cute, but Sam was a bit nervous (as usual) when people were switching seats (he thinks that once you sit down, you MUST stay there, and doesn't understand "open seating" at all). And Sofia just kept clutching my neck and looking away from the stage. She kept saying "done" as in "let's get out of here now, mom".

When we got home after lunch, Sofia had already fallen asleep in the car, so I transfered her to the crib, told the boys to watch movies downstairs, and I fell asleep for 2 hours! I needed it - but of course now I'm up again. Sigh. But at least I did some homework tonight...but now I'm blogging instead of more homework...

Oh, and we had sushi for dinner tonight. Yum!


Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Man, I bet your loving that iphone. Glad you got it figured out.