Sunday, October 7, 2007

Teething toddler, iPhone and more

Ok, so Sofia is teething, and that makes it really tough for her to fall asleep. And she's also coming out of her naps anyway because she's getting to be a "big girl". But tonight, after taking two short cat-naps this afternoon (one in my arms, one in the car), she just could not settle down. I let her watch some Signing Times videos, and eventually she passed out on my bed (face-down, snoring).

As she watched the video, I worked on trying to figure out all my new technology. I am starting to get used to the phone, and I LOVE the computer, but I have a few complaints:
- I've been using Entourage for years now, to handle mail, contacts, calendar and notes. Unfortunately, without a decent third-party app, I cannot synchronize Entourage to the iPhone. So I have to do a pass-through from Entourage to the Mac applications.

Unfortunately, the Mac applications are just not as robust as Entourage, especially the Address Book. I just spent several hours trying to move my contacts over. I'm just unsatisfied with the amount of information that Address Book can hold, and that can be imported. I can't move the "Children" fields, and the Group coding all gets lost. And editing Address Book is really annoying - maybe I'm just not used to it yet, but it's clunky.

So for now I've synched it, I've got a nice list in the phone. Maybe I just won't synch it anymore, and maintain both the phone and Entourage; just synch the Calendar (which is the biggie for me).

David just got home from drinks with his friend A, and apparently they talked about a bajillion different topics, because he's all oer the place in his conversation now. And I'm still typing, so I
think he's getting annoyed ;)

We spent a lovely afternoon with our friends in Sudbury. Their boys are best friends with our boys, and we get along with the parents well. It was a nice relaxing afternoon - we just sat on the porch and chatted and watched the kids.