Sunday, October 14, 2007

Renaissance Festival

Today was busy. After our morning sojourn at soccer (45 minute drive and 3 hours trying not to get too frustrated watching little kids "play" soccer), we headed to King Richard's Faire, the local RenFest.

We haven't been to a festival since the one in Pennsylvania 2 summers ago. That one is bigger than this, and when we'd gone there it was Pirate Weekend, so the boys were just a little less impressed today, but we had fun.

There was indeed a Pirate session for the kids. Here are some pics.

David and the kids watching the pirates:

The boys getting Pirate badges from the captain (not ONE person thought Sam was a boy!):

Sofia enjoying the spectacle (but I had to take her out from the joust - she HATED it!):
We also got to do some archery:
Me helping Micah (yeah, really, it's not because I WANTED to shoot!):

(ok, I lied - I really really wanted to do it!)

Sam takes aim:

Unfortunately, David is depressed today, so he's not all that enthusiastic. I'm not sure how to help him - he can't seem to clear his brain.

Sam and Sofia fell asleep in the car on the way home; Micah stayed awake for dinner and a bath. Oh, Micah also insisted on buying a ROSE before we left. He calls it "Rosie", and he's just so CUTE about it!

And speaking of cute, here's a photo from the other day, of Sofia watching a "Signing Times" video. Notice the boys' underwear fashionably worn on the outside of her pajamas: