Friday, October 5, 2007

Just checking in

It's been a busy week as usual. Today was another holiday (Shemini Atzeret), and tonight and tomorrow are Simchat Torah. So the boys were out of school again today (and tomorrow), and tonight we all went to shul and danced like maniac, celebrating the Torah. Sofia had a blast, waving a flag in the air and marching around the room, and then she settled into the arms of our friend T, who is definitely on the verge of being ready to be a grandpa! They looked adorable together.

This afternoon the kids and I went to R's house and her daughters and our friend D's daughters and my boys all played together. Micah accidentally ate some chips that had sesame in them, but the Benadryl I quickly dosed him with seems to have worked fine - no other adverse reaction. Whew!

It was gorgeous weather all week, so we were able to eat in the sukkah every night. Today and tomorrow are HOT and muggy, 'tho. Yuch.

The other night, I got a phone call from one of the CJP volunteers. CJP is Combined Jewish Philanthropies, the umbrella organization for many Boston-area Jewish organizations. Anyway, the woman who called turned out to be someone I had known back in USY when I was in high school! She'd seen my name on one of the lists, and even though she wasn't supposed to be the one to call me, she did!

I'm so glad she did, not only because it was nice to hear from her, but it turns out she's a Geneticist in Boston, and we ended up with her taking my phone and web info to pass along to new parents getting a diagnosis of Trisomy 21! I'll be so glad to help people who are just discovering the unique (and wonderful) world they are about to enter. (Oh, and she's a nice single doctor - anyone know a nice Jewish boy for her?!)

Ok, why am I up at 12:55 am? Because I keep taking naps in the afternoons because I'm so exhausted! Oy. I'd better get to sleep.

Oh, and October is National Down Syndrome month!


Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Good news that the benedryl worked and Micah was fine.

Sounds like a fun Shemini Atzert and Simchas Torah (loved going to Shul on these holidays).