Sunday, May 25, 2008

Great Article

The "Gifts" authors list had this article to share - it is a very lovely article.

Once again, makes me think about how incredibly lucky we are, not only to have Miss Sofia in our lives, but to be part of such a wonderful community, both locally and our extended DS-family.

La Principessa and I just took a walk with her tricycle (Kettler with a push-bar, hand-me-down from neighbors), and she pedaled the entire way! Tremendous progress. She still "steers" sideways, so I have to maintain a lot of pressure on the push-bar, but her feet stayed on the pedals and she was able to maintain reciprocal motion for a long time! Photobucket (We don't have this model, ours is older, but similar.)

Hanging out today. Friends from Worcester area coming over around 4:00 for a barbeque on my NEW GRILL! I used it last night. Awesome.


amy flege said...

ooooooh i bet she loves that bike! enjoy your weekend and your new grill!!