Thursday, May 1, 2008

Shopping with Children

That should just be outlawed. I took all three of my children to not one but TWO grocery stores this afternoon - after 7 hours of school and more than an hour on the playground. Yikes! Sam was actually not bad, but Micah was bouncing around and hanging on the cart and grabbing his "favorite" foods (today it was Toffuti Cuties). Sofia was HUNGRY, and therefore screaming at me. We eventually bought a bag of popcorn, and when the guy tried to pack the "pop-pop" in a bag, she screamed at him (POP-POP!!!!!!). At the other store, she did NOT want to be in the cart, but she also did not want to hold any of our hands, and kept trying to escape. Lots of yelling.

Remind me NEVER to try that again, ok??!

I also had to take them all to get some copies made. While waiting, Sofia and Micah kept hanging on either the counter or on me (they started fighting over me, actually!). Another lady was watching, bemused. I was expecting one of the boys to have a large envelope of papers for me, so I asked:

"Hey, did either of you get an envelope for me at school?"


"Yes, a big envelope full of paper."


"Neither of you?"


"Are you sure?"

"Yes, mommy, no envelope."

And then Micah paused...and said,

"Oh, I got an envelope."

"Soooo, YES envelope?"


The lady behind m just cracked up.

I'm still trying to put my kitchen back together post-passover. Most of the Pesach stuff is packed, or at least stacked neatly in the family room. There are still abotu 5 or 6 boxes or bags of every-day stuff to be unpacked. So I warned my cleaning lady that tomorrow when she comes, she should just "clean around it".

I did a lot of work on the Yearbook today. H came over in the morning, and then she and S came back in the evening (while Sam fell asleep on his own, Sofia wandered the house and Micah yelled "I'm bored" every 10 minutes.). The yearbook is coming along really really well!

I also presented my paper last night. I had all of 10 minutes, and there were only 3 other students plus the teacher. The students seemed interested. And subsequently I thought about asking my other 3 friends who also "did" Upsherin with their kids for their input. I think I might have another way to write about it. D, thanks for your input already!

I feel much better than I did earlier in the week. Tuesday night, instead of staying on the computer all evening, Sofia and I watched episodes of "Robin Hood" on BBC America, and I got some decent sleep. Last night, she also showed up in my room in time to sleep.

This morning, all three kids were up incredibly early (way before 6am!), so I hope going to sleep late tonight helps tomorrow morning!