Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Greetins from the Mass EI Consortium

Yes, I get to stay overnight at a hotel WITHOUT my children :) [or hubby :( ]

It was a nice day. Last year, being the first year I attended, was probably a little more exciting for me, but I still learned new things, and this year I have friends to see, so it's fun.

At 8:00 we finished dinner, and my roommate (another mom) and I came straight up to the room. It's 10:00 now - she's asleep, and I'm about to be (really, I promise!).

I still have this sinus infection, and can "smell" it in my nose (yuch), but at least my ear doesn't hurt as much now. I'm SOOO glad for a break from the kids, 'though!

Yesterday, Sam freaked out about going to the Day School Music Festival (tonight), and was actually saying to himself in the car "Ok, I know it's hard to say no, but I really am just too stressed, and mommy's gonna be away and I want to be with my dad, and I really just can't do it." How can you say no to that? Poor kid. He was so glad when I told him it was ok not to do the concert. Sigh.

Micah's legs are a wreck, from all the scratching he does between allergies and those hives back in the winter. I've tried Aquafor, Lubriderm, Bactroban. Nothing seems to help. I think a little sunshine might help, but the kid insists on sweat pants and long sleeve shirts most of the year.

Miss Sofia has switched her biological functions clock so that she's pooping during preschool, which has her teacher less-than-thrilled. I hope that's not a long-term schedule change!

Nothing much else. Hugs to all my online friends, and to my real-life friends, too!