Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Must be something in the air...

Many of our online friends whose toddlers have that special extra chromosome report that recently their child is behaving...well, rather oddly. Separation Anxiety, Monster Behavior, you name it.

La Principessa has whatever else is going around - call it Toddler-ness, I guess. She's a maniac. Last night, we tried desperately to get her to sleep in her bed. After 6 times of her being sound asleep and snoring but as soon as we walked out of the room she popped back up like a Jack-in-the-Box, we gave up, and she slept with us. Which means that at 5am, she started her morning stretches, in our bed.

She was crabby crabby crabby all day. In the morning, she just kept throwing tupperware and pots on the floor and yelling at me. She would not let go of David. She refused to take a nap after school; by the time E arrived at 2:30, she was wild-eyed and just rolling on the floor, watching a Signing Times video (I tried some of the older, gentler, ones, to see if that would make her sleepy). E said that after her nap, she was even more crabby. Tonight, she's back in bed with us again. Don't know what's going on, but I sure hope it passes quick! When I tried to put her to bed last night, she kept clutching at me, reminiscent of how Micah acted for his first 2.5 years (a period of time I recall as HELL).

Here she is snuggling with Dada.
(Yeah, he looked awfully cute today!)

The rest of the weekend was nice, but a bit hectic. We had fun with our friends on Sunday night, but their kids were just a tad wilder than I'm used to. Let's just say that Sammy and I had to vaccum the living room in the middle of the evening, due to the 100 formed pieces of PlayDoh - and bazillion scraps of it - all over the carpet! Yikes! Am I really such a strict parent that I can't handle all these other kids?

Monday was also lovely. David went to work for a while, so the kids and I relaxed. Sam was thrilled to realize that he hadn't left the house since Friday. In the afternoon, 2 other families came over, but moms are very dear friends of mine, and the kids are all friends. The all ran around, along with the kid next door and the various other kids who were visiting him (I kept peeking into my backyard to see who was there - "There's some kid with a bow and arrow out there, I have no idea who he is...").

Sofia ran with the pack, like a trooper. She and Miss G, the princess from whom we get most of our girlie-girl clothing, took some time upstairs to play away from the boys, but for the most part, they were outside sliding on the slide and blowing bubbles and chasing balls with the rest of them. She didn't nap, so she went to sleep fairly early, but around 11pm she came staggering into our bedroom and would not go back in her own room.

I spent most of this evening working on the Yearbook. It's almost done! I'm meeting the other committee ladies tomorrow night with "final" proofs. Yippie! I am so proud of my work.

David was supposed to fly to Edmonton tonight, but after spending several hours in the airport, his flight got cancelled. He's home sleeping now, but has to leave at 3 for a 6am flight. It was nice to see him, even for a little while. Sofia is snuggled up with him now.

The boys and I got caught in an absolute downpour on the way to Tae Kwan Do. It was over quick, and the whole time we were at TKD, the sky was sunshiny. As soon as we left, it poured again. Stopped by the time we got home. Sam had a freak-out on the way home about his birthday party again. We can't have it at REI, at least not on Sunday, so again I suggested we just have his friends come here for an afternoon in the yard with pizza. At first he was fine, but then he started screaming and sobbing about how our yard was too small and there were too many kids (13). Sigh. I think he's stressed - we have to decide whether to go back to this same TKD place next year, and we have to decide now or lose the time slot we want. Stressful. Poor baby.


jessica said...

Yes, it must be something in the air... Joey has been AWFUL the past couple days. Always wants his Daddy!

Stephanie said...

We're calling it the "Atti-two-ds" and Aiden has a severe case of it.