Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mothers Day (belated, of course)

We mailed out all our cards on Saturday afternoon, so what do you expect? I had a pleasant day. Micah was in our room at about 4am, and Sofia soon after. Poor Micah was having serious pollen allergy problems all day. Anyway, the boys had each made gifts for me at school. Sam wrote a page of "I Am":

I am the person who likes to play rock music on an acoustic guitar at Tae Kwan Do school on Tuesdays, who likes to play soccer on a cold windy day in spring, who likes to watch the Time Warp Trio on Sunday morning, who likes to read big war books in the dark black night with the light shining bright, who likes to play made up games with my small sister and nice brother.

I am the person who likes to see professional drawings in the Museum of Fine Arts, who likes to smell my mom's chicken with really sweet spices on Shabbat night, who likes to taste crusty cheese pizza with my family, who likes to listen to my mom's singing in my small bedroom at night before I go to bed, who likes to feel my little cousin Lilly's soft smooth hands touching me.

I am the person who gets scared in big crowds, who gets excited when I get a new book, who dreams for a DS system, who likes when my grandparents come to visit from Connecticut, who likes my two shofars, who likes creative arts, and who loves when my cousins come to visit me.

Gorgeous. They framed it, and put stickers of books, pizza, and soccer. A real treasure. (By the way, the "DS system" he refers to is a Nintendo DS.)

Micah made a "flower" with his picture, as well as a plaque. Sofia also made a card and planted a flower in a little flowerpot.

I got to sleep a little late, and they eventually made me breakfast in bed (after David went down to yell at them for watching TV instead of making breakfast!). We went to friends' home for their 3 year old's birthday party, and the big brother is one of Micah's close friends (plus mom and dad are good friends of ours). In the afternoon we cleaned out the garage a bit, and then went to dinner at a Hibatchi place that also has great sushi. Micah was really having allergy problems, so I had to run over ot the drugstore after we ordered so I could get him some Benadryl!


Pam said...

Sounds like you had a great day!!

I love those homemade gifts from school. They are the BEST!!

Pam and Rhett