Tuesday, May 20, 2008

School School School

So today was all about who should go where to school and when.

This morning, Micah told me that his friend J is saying that he (J) will not be returning to MWJDS next year. Beyond the fact that J is Micah's best friend, J is also one of only 4 boys in Micah's entire class - it's Micah, J, E, and one other kid who I already know is not coming back.

So I stopped J's mom this morning to find out, and she said indeed, they are considering a different school, but had not decided. Ok. But she also told me some other possible issues that are making her look around. I am not at liberty to divulge yet, but they would affect Micah's ability to stay.

Combine that with the tantrum my husband threw yesterday about the tuition increase, and it was beginning to look as if I should seek alternate schooling for Micah. So when I dropped off Sofia, I went into the school (which is where 1st and 2nd grade is also held). I ran into our OT, who is on both Sofia's and Sam's IEP, and who I trust and really really like. We chatted a bit about Sam's IEP (which is tomorrow), and then she took me in to meet the school nurse.

I felt so much better after talking to the nurse, that I am seriously wondering if Micah would not be totally better off going to public school next year.

Then i went home, and checked on-line, in case Sam's IEP turns out to be too much for MWJDS to handle. The OT and I agreed that the public 4th grade is WAY too big for Sam, so where would he go? Well, I found a lovely school for dyslexic children, not far from here. The tuition? Oh, a mere $33,800 per year!!!! (I guess that kind of puts out tuition into perspective, huh?).

Ok. My girlfriend D called to see if I could meet her for coffee. Sure, but I was so rattled when I met her, she suggested I have some calming tea. Great. Had the tea, had a nice conversation, then went to get my hair cut...and FELL ASLEEP while my hair was being blow-dryed! Sound asleep.

Got a coffee (and a muffin) and went to David's office to pick up Sofia. She fell asleep before I got home, so I had a little quiet time. E came, I raced off to get the boys and go to TKD. Then home, and met R for dinner - and my husband stopped by the restuarant to give us dark chocolate M&Ms before he went out with his friend.

I'm going to sleep now!


Oh crud, the Ashland Override LOST by 49 votes. Closing the school libraries and losing some professionals, including some SPED folk. YUCH!