Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another rough night

She popped a fever around 11:00 (again, right after I had fallen asleep!). Nebs, Ibuprophen, and Mama for a while, until she decided that our bed was better than hers.

Not taking her to school again, and she'll miss another Yom Tov program this afternoon. Seeing pediatrician at 1:45.

So we are home now, watching TV and wrecking the house. Yesterday when I finally woke up, I found her in the boys' room - with the door closed - dismembering some of their stuff. When I took a shower, she rummaged through my nighttable drawer.

A few moments ago, she was asking for/demanding a little ceramic figurine from my dresser. I told her no; she yelled; I moved the item higher...and she tried to climb up onto the dresser! So I loudly and sternly said "No - Bad Girl!"

This melts her completely. She went silent, and walked out of the room. I found her in the hallway, flopped over in one of those incredible poses only the very very limber can achieve. She doesn't really cry, just gets very upset.

I picked her up and cuddled until she calmed down. Now she is watching Sesame Street, but still hugging me - which means I am typing with one hand.


amy flege said...

sure hope she feels better soon!!!! poor lil princess!

Tracy said...

Sorry to hear that you were hope again last night. Hope Miss Sofia feels better soon. Leah seems better but is home for a third day. Still running a low grade temp, but she is no longer complaining of feeeling dizzy, thank goodness. Hope you and I can get everyone well soon!!!!! I have the same thing Leah does, it just hasn't hit me as hard. Stay well!