Sunday, March 22, 2009

World Down Syndrome Day 3/21

So far, what a lovely weekend, and I'm anticipating a joyful time this afternoon at L&K's wedding.

Friday night, we went to Temple Beth Shalom for Shabbat Across America. We were guests of the Wulfs, and Sam had a sleep-over with their son that night; the sleep-over was at our house last week. Here are the two boys at a recent Shabbat celebration at school:

Very sweet.

Anyway, we really had a nice time. Aside from all the day school families who belong to TBA, I know a lot of other people from the community. And we met even more people, all really nice.

Sofia had a blast running around with one of her friends (I know the mom from various playgroups). Micah had a group, and Sam had S and other friends.

Late night, and we were tired when we finally got home. Saturday morning we had to wake really early. Dropped Micah at C's house (around the corner) before 7:15, then got Sofia to D's house by 7:30. Grabbed some coffee, and David and I were off to the Worcester Centrum DCU center for the MDSC Conference.

Now that David goes regularly to the DADS meetings, he had just as many friends there as I did. It was so much fun. I got to hold several sweet babies. I saw old friends from previous conferences. I met David's new friends. We heard some interesting (and less interesting) speakers.

But oh, we were sooo tired when we finally left at 3 pm. Drove straight out to Framingham (the beginning of our arguement - David wanted to go home and sleep first, and I was stressing about picking up the kids on time; I thought he was going to go home and then I would get my car and get the kids, but instead we stayed together). Picked up Sam, then went to get Sofia. They were all at the playground down the street, so we spent a while with them. It was actually good, because David doesn't usually get to see Sofia on a playground, and I think that after all the information from the conference, it was good for him to see her in climbing action again.

Got Micah before 6pm, and then home. Some melt-downs, some dinner, and the kids went to sleep.

And then Sofia started with night terrors, and then popped a high fever.I spent most of the night taking care of her. This morning was the first time she was awake enough to actually take her temp, and it was still 101.3, so I don't know what's going on. Hopefully the Tylenol will bring it down soon.

David's at work now, and then we have the wedding this afternoon.

Here are some pictures from Micah's Siddur Ceremony: