Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Midnight at the ER

There was no school Monday due to the snow, and I let them indulge in TV and Nintendo all day. I worked a bit on the school yearbook and surfed a bit.

I had just fallen asleep around 11:30 pm when David woke me in a panic - Sofia was choking. She had such a stuffy nose, but sore throat so she couldn't swallow.

I nebulized her with albuterol. She went to sleep. I went to sleep. Then David woke me again - she was having even more troubl.

I nebbed her with just plain saline, and she fell asleep on my lap. But she sounded awful. I called pediatrician at 12:30; she said go to ER.

Thankfully David was home so I could just go. Sofia woke up when I grabbed my coat and let out a loud "yeah -Go!".

They took us in quickly (once I found the bell to ring for a nurse!). They checked her out. She was not keen on the ID bracelet and kept saying "off".. Eventually she fell asleep in my arms.

They decided to do a strep test. I held her while two nurses swabbed her. As soon as they finished, she sat up and said "LEAVE" very emphatically.

Test was negative, and her lungs were clear, so we went back home. Just a cold. She is asleep now, snoring like a drunken sailor. I will do saline nebs as needed.
She was fine during the day. We skipped school in favor of sleep ( for me), but then I did take her to the yoga class. She lived it. Only tried to escape once, and after I walked her back in, she waved me off with "bye".

E picked her up after yoga, and I took the boys to Tae kwan do. Kids asleep now, I am so tired I'm blogging on my phone.
Good night!


Tracy said...

Glad to hear that Sophia is okay. I know what you mean about tired....Leah has been sick the last three days. At one point she had a temp of 103.6. I slept with her last night to keep a check on her. Her temp was fine, but she kept me up from 2:30am complaining about the room spinning and crying. Today she was better, but now has constant cough. I am hoping she can get to sleep despite the cough, and we can all sleep tonight. Sweet dreams to you too.