Monday, March 23, 2009


Yup, it's official. Miss Sofia was ok during the day, a little mellow for the beginning of the wedding, but once the food arrived she perked up a bit. But more fever and crying and coughing last night, and now the nose is horribly gunky.

So we saw Dr. H. this morning, and now she's on Zithromax. Hopefully she'll start feeling better soon. Poor kid is getting a bit on the lethargic side, and I'm really having to force her to drink.

She's watching Signing Times now, and relaxing. The Insulation guys are banging away outside, but should be done today.

Wedding was indeed lovely, and fun. The ceremony was in L's grandma's living room, so all the kids got to stand right up front and watch, which was neat...except when Micah started making comments and asking questions to the rabbi...

Micah and his friend were little 7-year-old-boy terrors. Sam looked SO handsome in his suit, and he and K's daughter did the pre-tween flirt (pulling hair, yanking arm, etc.) all day. Miss Sofia captured the photographer's attention most of the afternoon; I suspect I will have to order quite a few photos.

David was grouchy, but I let him spend time talking to the other husbands, and I chased Sofia and talked to my girlfriends. I had fun.

A foursome of trouble - my guys and the bride's sons:

Sofia was happy to count the cups:

Me and L (yes I know I look like hell, I'd been up all night with Sofia):

"Boy" and "Girl" (that's what they call each other):


Does this tie match my outfit?


Mara said...

I think the tie matches perfectally !!! ~smile

Tracy said...

You all looked great!! The kids are beautiful!!!!!! Hope Miss Sofia feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos.

Pam said...

I think you look beautiful. Sofia is getting so big, your whole family is just amazing.

Trying to catch up with all of my bloggy best friends. I miss all of you. Sigh.

Sending lots of hugs to you, and tell that miss Sofia to get better....Dr. Rhett's orders. :D