Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another Sick Kid

Just as Sofia started getting better from the Bronchitis, Sam started getting sicker. Thursday and Friday, his nose was very stuffy and his throat hurt a bit. When I picked up at school on Friday, he was "off", and grumpy and low energy all afternoon and evening. Not feeling well Saturday morning, but we went to shul anyway, and in the afternoon, David took Sam and A for a bike ride. Sam did have fun, but when they came home, he had 101.6. Fever off and on most of today, too.

So we took it easy. Yesterday, while David took the older kids, I had Sofia and Micah and little A (my friend's two daughters, A&A) at home. I was really not feeling well - overly tired and grouchy. I fell asleep on the way back from shul, and tried to nap while the kids watched a movie, but Sofia kept saying "Mama. Mommy. Mom. Mama. Mommy Mommy Mommy." Eventually I told MIcah he was in charge, and I locked myself in the boys' room for an hour of solid sleep.

Once I woke up, I took the three of them to the sports store and we bought Micah's new bike. I did end up getting him a 20" instead of a 24", but I think he'll get several years use out of this one. He rode a bit when we got home - David and the older kids were back, along with the girls' dad (he's Israeli, and his daughters call him "aba" [which is Hebrew for dad], so Sofia calls him "Baba").

Today, I stayed in pjs most of the day. It was nice to cuddle with Sammy on the couch and watch movies most of the day - Spiderman 1 & 2, and the original Dr. Doolittle - while Micah played on the computer and David brought all the Passover dishes up from the basement (and put them into the garage as a staging area). David and Micah went to the office for a while, and I parked Sofia upstairs in front of "Madagascar" while Sammy and I watched downstairs.

Tonight, after take-out sushi (that's my third time this week - yum! But ouch on the wallet!), I went to a lecture about Selecting After School Programs for kids with Special Needs. Very very interesting. And I had several friends there, so it was fun, too.

I needed it, because I've been in such a bad mood all weekend. Friday I was very grouchy (although after school, it helped that we all went over to my friend J's house and the kids played and the moms drank wine - mid-afternoon - and talked). Saturday I was dead tired. Today I burst into tears when David told me he was going in to the office. But after I napped, I did feel better, and now I am in a better frame of mind.

I'm also getting paranoid about some physical issues on my part - the hair loss, the exhaustion, etc. - so tomorrow I'm also going to call my own doc for an appointment. I had regular blood work done at my check-up in January, but things have been weird since then (and since I had Fifth's in December).

Not too much planned for this week. Thursday night David and I are actually going to the theater in Boston - first time in AGES. I don't even know what we are seeing. I also have a lot of Passover prep to start - cleaning, cooking, cleaning, cooking...

I'm energized now from the lecture tonight. I'm really interested in Special Education topics. Can't imagine why ;)