Monday, September 17, 2007

Infiltrating the "Typicals"

Yup, we did it. Sofia took her first ballet class! A last minute decision, since I just found the Ashland Rec Center brochure yesterday and noticed this class. I registered at 11am, and the class started at 11:30. Whew.

I'd decided (and our speech therapist agreed with me) not to mention anything about Sofia when I registered. I did write "Down syndrome" under the "Medical Issues" section of the registration form, and when we got to the class, I let the teacher know that Sofia uses sign language. But that's it. Otherwise we made no mention of anything.

The class is for ages 2-3, so most of the kids were all over anyway. Sofia was very happy exploring the room, especially the wall of mirrors, and was quite fascinated by a baby in a carrier and by the newspaper reporter who was taking pictures of the class. She kept walking over and smiling for him (it looks as if he did get some great pictures!). She's such a little ham!

The teacher said she was really thrown off by the photographer, so I hope next week will be a little better, but it was a good chance for the kiddos to get used to the room and try on tutus and crowns. We had a black leotard and a lovely peach ballet skirt in the hand-me-down bag, so Sofia was wearing that and absolutely refused the purple tutu we offered, but she did enjoy wearing the crown.

Now we're back home. I have to try to do some Hebrew homework. I finished the review quizzes last night, and I didn't do as well as I expected, especially on the last section. So I really need to review more. Sigh.