Monday, September 17, 2007

You Know She's a Toddler...

...when you lock yourself in the bathroom for a few moments of privacy, and suddenly she starts BANGING on the door and screaming.

...when the baby who always went to sleep at night really easily cries so much it wakes up Micah and he begs you to go sing to her more.

...when she refuses to nap, and instead trashes the house, but as soon as you get in the car to pick up the brothers, she falls fast asleep.

...when she wakes from her naps, cuddles for exactly one minute, and then runs off to climb the jungle gym at the brothers' school playground - with no help.

...when she grabs your hands to show you that she REALLY wants you to pick her up NOW.

...when she tries to draw on the minivan and the garage door with chalk, and when you gently try to guide her away, she does a nice little fake-out and goes around you to do it some more.

So anyway, here's my "Tiny Tot in Tutu":

Taking things off the shelf:Sorting stars:

And this evening in the driveway (the chalk incident, among other fun things):

Sofia and Sam:
Sam and Micah:
Yes, Mommy and Sam!


Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

I cannot believe how big Miss Sofia has gotten. I love the ballet pics...she is just adorable. And the boys are just as cute!!