Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lazy Day

Well, we survived Rosh Hashanah. Dinner Wednesday evening was here, just the 5 of us and Laura, David's sister. David was exhausted and excessively stressed. Services weren't until 7:30, so at least we were not rushed.

The evening service went ok. We hadn't made too many changes.

In the morning, I sent David and Laura and the kids to our shul, for two reasons. One, the kids' services at TI are much more robust than in Ashland (I was leading the grades 2-6 service in Ashland). Two, since so many of our friends' kids have had lice recently, I didn't want to take a chance with the carpeted playroom at the church in Ashland!

So I went by myself. We'd made a LOT of changes to the service, most importantly to move the UneTaneTofek up to Shacharit and dramatically chip Musaf. I didn't like it. Musaf was insanely short, and when the rabbi introduced Hineni, she just said "now Francine is going to sing the Cantor's prayer." Since there was hardly anything else after that, it seemed meaningless. Also, since she's really taking them in the "post-modern" self-spiritual mode, I felt quite superfluous.

I got home well before 1pm, and after cleaning up a bit, went to meet my family over at the M's house, where we go every year for RH dinner (they come to us for seder). We had a lovely afternoon, as usual. Sofia wore the same dress she'd worn up in Vermont:
The boys had a great time playing with B's Lego collection. David and both fell asleep on the couch at different times, so we were there until 6pm. When we got home, I had to make soup for Friday, and the kids played while David did some work.

Friday morning, I sent them off to TI again, but this time Ashland felt much better. It was a "Family Service", dramatically different from the regular service, but I felt more a part of it (and I didn't have to lead a separate kids service, which helped). It was short, 'tho - I was home by 12:10! So I took the extra time (they didn't get home until after 1:00) to set up for our guests.

J and her families (both girls are in school with my boys) arrived around 2:30, and we had a lovely afternoon. At some point, all the other neighborhood kids came over, and we had a very large chalk mural on our driveway.

Today it was pouring, so we opted not to go to shul. David had a noon flight (to California), so the kids and I have just been relaxing. The boys and I are still all in pajamas, playing computer games. Sofia is dressed, and now I think in need of a nap, since she just keeps crying.


amy flege said...

adorable pics of sofia!!!!!!!!!! she has the cutest smile!