Monday, September 24, 2007

My daughter has Down syndrome!

Ok, yes, I've know this for 3 years, since before she was born. Yes, we work with it every day. But once in a while, it just bumps into me.

Today was one of those days. We had ballet class again. And this time, since there was no photographer to distract us, the class could stay formatted as it should be. So I got to watch 7 little girls somewhat follow along with the teacher, and Sofia just take it all in.

She did participate a bit, including putting on a tutu (and cleaning everything up, better than anyone else). But when we got to the songs, which were new or new versions of songs we know, she couldn't keep up. They were too fast.

It didn't bother me. It was just interesting. And it gave me a little taste of what life might be like for her when she's done with the coddled and protected world of Early Intervention.

David says he "sees" this all the time, but I don't. We've got three little friends who are all about the same age as Sofia (all their names start with "A"!). I've watched Sofia around these girls all their lives, so I don't "see" anything different. This is just the way they are together.

But seeing a group of girls I don't know, and moms I don't know, and a teacher I don't know, threw me for a loop. It wasn't quite a punch in the tummy, because it didn't make me sad about the situation specifically, but it did make me fearful about how her life will be if she doesn't have someone really looking out for her in school. I hope that she always had good, caring teachers, but how can we always be sure?


amadecasa said...

For me, this seems to be the worst part. Not so much now at age seven when I can choose her friends, her teachers and protect her in every way. What I worry about is what happens when she is grown and I'm dead. Who protects them then? This, I fear, is the most terrible unknown for a mother.

katrina930 said...

I came across your blog looking for people who have daughters with down syndrome, and i'm glad i found it. I'm writing a novel right now where a main character is a girl with down syndrome, and I'm blocked!

I work at a home for people with mental disabilities and a lot of them have down syndrome. They are the absolute sweetest, most wonderful people in the entire world. No one is more genuine. It's such a great place, every day I am surprised over and over by the amazing things they do for our clients. It's not just some... institution. It really is a home, a family.

I think I'm going to through my main character into a ballet class now. So thanks!

Does your daughter have those incredible eyes with the brushfield spots?

katrinadodge said...

I'm sorry, I somehow was signed onto the wrong account. (Katrina930) if you respond, lol, please respond to this one. thank you!