Thursday, September 6, 2007

Shes big, but sleepless

My little girl started "school" yesterday! A two and a half hour "Transition Group" at the Early Intervention Center. I've met the teachers before, but she's never had them for a group, so this is great practice for us in what we have to communicate to them. I'd given them a list of her words 2 weeks ago, but already we had more to add!

Here's Sofia in the morning with Dada, Sammy and Micah:

Here she is with her new backpack:

And here she is peaking out from behind my leg as we got ready to go into the Center!
She dismissed me with a cheery "bye", and they said she had a great time. I was excited until about 5 minutes before we got there, when I realized that I was dropping off MY BABY! Yikes! But I did get my pedicure while she was in class (the place I'd made my appointment never opened, but I found another place that could take me).

Sofia was very tired at the end of class, and lunged into my arms. For a few minutes she wouldn't even acknowledge anyone else, she just kept hugging me.

I was afraid she'd fall asleep in the car right away, but she managed to stay awake until we got to N's house. N is the lady I know who just had a baby with Down syndrome. N and her family are still adjusting to this unexpected fact. So I wanted Sofia to be awake when we visited, so we could show off. Sofia had fun exploring all their toys (N has 2 boys, each about a year younger than mine), and showing her many signs.

We visited for about an hour. Then she did fall heartily asleep in the car, and stayed asleep for more than an hour and a half. Woke up when we picked up the boys, and we all played on the playground for over an hour.

But once again, Miss Sofia would not go to bed. She just couldn't settle down. I ended up turning on the "Goodnight Show" on Noggin for a while, just to calm her down. She eventually went into the crib after 10pm.

Today I'm so tired, and I had thought she'd nap. So far I've fallen asleep twice, but she's still awake and exploring the house. Oy.


Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

She looks fantastic! Such a doll!

John in FL said...

I can't believe that little Miss Sofia is old enough to go the Transition Group!! The photos of Sofia are wonderful. I think of you guys often and miss you. Glad to read that she is continuing to do so well. My best to you all.