Tuesday, September 4, 2007


One of the babies on my T21 forum died recently, and in her honor, many of us have been taking "Piggie" (i.e. pigtail) pictures of our kids. Sofia was no problem (other than keeping the bands in place long enough to get out the camera!), but it's taken me a few weeks to convince the boys to try.

But finally, they did it. Here's Micah:

And here is my SON (really, he's a boy, I swear), Sam:
All this was made easier by the fact that there was a case of Head Lice at school today and I had to do a nit check on both of them, so they were already in a "mommy plays with our hair" mode. Fortunately, they were both clean. Whew. And YUCH!

Sofia starts "school" tomorrow! She's going to the two and a half hour transition playgroup at our EI center. I'm so excited. Today, I had to go to the Israel Bookstore to buy my Hebrew text book for this semester, and I found the most adorable little backpack for her. I promise I'll take a picture of her tomorrow and post the update.