Friday, September 28, 2007

Twisty Ties

Do I lose my status as a Domestic Goddess if I use twist ties from the produce department to tie my daughter's hair back? My neighbors thought it was a rather Martha Stewarty-thing to do. I couldn't find any hair bands and we were on our way out the door to play (and the boys had grabbed handfuls of the twist ties when we were shopping). Anyway, it really did work, held that pony tail better than some of the "official" hair bands we own!

"Twisty Ties" is also a good name for this post, because this morning we followed the twisting turns of our lives to have a playgroup with people (to whom we are "tied"). (Ok, I'll stop with the metaphor - it makes sense to me, but 'nuff said). Anyway, back about a year and a half ago, they'd held a Down syndrome playgroup/meet&greet at our EI center. There were a handful of moms and kids, ages ranging from about a year to nearly 3. Several of us moms had planned to get together on our own - and that very week, one of the babies in the group died suddenly (see Because of Sophia, Maria's blog). So we never got together. But this summer, another mom started emailing us, and eventually I had the idea of asking to use the center (and invite new families).

It was lovely. Unfortunately, two of the original planners didn't make it (kid issues), but we had my friend N and her 2 month old, one of the other "original" kids who is now 3, another boy Sofia's age, and an adorable little Miss of 15 months. We also got to use the center, and our Speech Therapist and another OT stayed with us.

I was proud to be the official facilitator, and I called on everyone to share their stories or words of wisdom. It was so nice to meet or see everyone!

Here's Sofia, hinding in the stairwell after playgroup - she loves this spot!

I'd forgotten when I scheduled this that today was the 2nd day of Sukkot and the boys would not have school, so before the playgroup, I dropped them at my friend J's house - her two girls are very good friends with my boys (her older daughter and Sammy look identical from the back, same long dark hair, slender bodies, same height). They all came back to our house after the playgroup, and we had lunch in the sukkah, and the kids rode their bikes and played while J and I relaxed and chatted a bit.

Then I packed my gang back into the minivan to race to Sudbury for my haircut (which I'd also scheduled for during the holiday!). Sofia fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep in the stroller during the cut, but of course woke up for snack at the Cafe afterwards.

Here are Micah and Sam playing on the Nintendo DS during my hair cut:

A quick stop at the grocery store, and home again. Micah and I were on the computer (I made a DVD last night for my cousin, of the wedding pictures from last July), Sofia and Sam were playing. Eventually Sofia and I went outside with Sam to visit the neighbors (that's when I grabbed the twisty tie for her hair).

We had a really nice dinner in the Sukkah. The weather has been just lovely today. Not too hot, not cold yet.

Oh, and I just love the fact that Sam askes every week who we are having over for Shabbos dinner, and gets really annoyed if we are not having company. Today he invited the other neighborhood kids (but they couldn't come). We still had a nice Shabbat, but I'm so glad that he's taken the idea of Guests so seriously.