Tuesday, April 24, 2007

3 kids and a shushi restaurant

My dear friend Ru came up to visit today, and after trekking around with me to drive Micah's friend home and pick up Sam from TKD, she took us out to Sam's favorite sushi restaurant, Michi Kuza. Fortunately Micah can't read, because he adamantly did not want to go there, but didn't mind if we went to Fusion .

Sam loves Salmon Teriyaki, Micah had two orders of his special veggie maki (no sesame seeds), Sofia loved the edamame and tofu, and Ru and I totally pigged out on about 7 makis and some sashimi. Ugh, I won't be able to eat for a week! (ha, I wish!).

Tonight, Sofia managed to take off her shirt by getting David's eyeglass case clipped to it. In the forceful shaking she did to get rid of the case, the whole shirt came off. I wish I'd had the video camera ready!

Micah's eczema is acting up again, because it's finally spring. Oh well. I gave him another dose of his meds before bedtime. And David is off to Edmonton, but Ru and I will be watching movies all week. Last night, David and I finally saw "Borat". Oh my! It's appallingly funny!

Oh, I posted another page of photos on the photo website (see links at right). Check out Pirate Sam!