Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I Love My Friends

This is a bit mushy, but I really love my friends! I am fortunate to count as friends a variety of strong, cool, terrific women. Some have kids, some don't, some work full time for money, some are full-time mommies, some juggle both kids and a job. All are smart, caring, capable, dedicated, and fun to be with.

What I so especially like about the age that we've reached now is that we are capable of actually addressing issues together. I watch the kids at Sam's school (specifically the girls) start to enter that horrible posturing for position stage, and I know all the heart-break that awaits them ("yesterday she was my best friend, today I hate her"). I know all of that garbage is part of learning and growing, but oh, how I do NOT envy them! I love being in my early 40s, able to say what I want, thoughtfully, and come out loving and admiring my friends even more.

I know a lot of you are reading this, and yes, I'm talking about YOU. J, L, D, R, S, B, D, R, C, E, E, L, S, C and many others. I admire you all, I love you all, and I am so glad you are my friends!

I also appreciate this age because of how comfortable we all are with our worlds. Back in December, when I went on the Disney Cruise, I was happy to wear comfortable clothing, not worry about impressing anyone. We were able to tell the Cruise Director how we felt about the excessively religious Xmas music piped into the hallways, and we had a great conversation with him, without being confrontational (and we really appreciated that he checked in on us every day after that AND sent us a bottle of wine the last night at dinner!). Speaking up without just complaining - actually offering ways to FIX problems - is great.

(Now if I could just figure out how to fix the weather and get rid of this migraine...)

Micah had a great time today with his buddies, first at a science program at Sam's school and then at a magic show and then at lunch. Sofia finally napped at 3:15. Now she's ripping apart David's newspapers. Sam had a good day at school, except for an arguement with A. He's also very tired (they've been going to bed late this week, gotta try for earlier tonight). David's tire is flat, and the guy at the station said it can't be fixed. Yuch.