Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weekend Update

Whew! I'm exhausted. It's been quite a busy few days.

Let's see...Friday morning, after bringing a total of 4 kids (including Micah and Sofia) back to my house for playdates (A stayed upstairs with me and Sofia while Micah and E were downstairs watching "Captain Blood"), the mommies both came over. Eventually D & A left for errands, and the rest of us went to lunch before MWJDS pickup. Playground time was nice (Sofia was very determined to walk around with her baby walker, and kept turning around when we tried to redirect her). Then we came home for a while, Sofia took a nap and had a both, David got home, and we all headed back out to Concord for Shabbat dinner at S&R's house.

We were really honored to be included; this was their daughter's Bat Mitzvah weekend, and dinner was mostly family. The boys got along great with their son and 2 small cousins - the 5 little boys all had their own table on the porch, and ran around the house like crazy. Miss Sofia was very hyper and happy, and quite enamoured with all the men who had beards and moustaches (which was most of them!). We got home quite late.

Services were at Chabad; I was very excited to go, since we've never been to services there before. Well, I never even thought to check the time, and there was a possibility that David would have the 2nd aliyah, so we got there at 9:15...and services didn't start until 10am! But the Rabbi was there, and the caterer (who we are vaguely related to - David's cousin is married to the caterer's wife's brother) and his family, including a 6 year old boy who became fast friends with Micah. They were inseparable until we left at 2:30.

Services were nice. I didn't get to stay inside much, since Sofia was bouncing around (I did take two walks with her, once with Sammy and once with RE). Sam had a hard time finding something to do. The kid program was too young/boring for him, and the older kids (most of whom he knows from our shul) are not really his friends. So he was a bit of a pain.

More Temple Israel folk showed up in time for lunch, which was delicious. R gave a very lovely d'var Torah, and it was a pleasure to see this young lady do so well.

So we got home around 3pm. The weather was GORGEOUS, so we put on shorts and went across the street to hang out with the neighbors. All the boys had a water fight (except Sam and A, who wanted to go back to A's house, of course). But eventually we came home, the kids watched Sesame Street while David and I napped. The babysitter
arrived at 7pm and we raced out to meet 2 couples at The Aztec for dinner. Then we all came back home (since the babysitter hadn't answered the phone!) and hung out for a while longer here.

Today was super-busy. Back to Concord, in 2 cars, for brunch at the house. Then David took Micah to Wellesley for a birthday party. I took Sam and Sofia - we stopped at a shoe store first - to his friends' party. Sofia was asleep, so I dropped him off and came home to change to cooler pants and get his Tae Kwan Do uniform. Got back to the museum (where the party was) just as J and R were going to lunch, so I drove, we got salads and sat at a playground (Sofia woke up just in time to join us). Picked up Sam, and took him to the next party, in Natick. Walked around Natick Center with Sofia for a while, then picked Sam up. We're home now, David still has Micah (they went to David's office after their party). I have to go make dinner now.

Miss Sofia is screaming in the hallway, because Sam took away the Playmobile toys she was using and moved her out of his room. Oy, a Rothkopf Toddler with 'Roid Rage. She's a trip!