Friday, April 13, 2007

Today's update

Well, Sofia and I never got home in the morning - we spent some time at shul in various informational meetings, and then did some major SHOPPING! I love Old Navy sales! And after an hour in Toys R Us, I still forgot the birthday present I need for tomorrow.

So I have yet to give Sofia her first nebulizer treatment of the day, and I just got her Azithromycin dose into her at 3pm. Oh well. But we did have a (semi) nice lunch with David (service and food weren't great - that's why Skipjacks is empty when Legal's is mobbed).

My current rant is about Community and the whole "how do we integrate the day school kids with the religious school kids at shul" issue. I had a nice talk with the Survey Committee last night, so now I have a plan of action (or at least actions to suggest). But I really strongly believe that we are supposed to be a community, supporting each other, and the animosity some people on each side show so openly pains me greatly.

The boys are watching Scooby Do In Hawaii - mesmerized, and both chewing their fingers. Sigh. Sofia is taking apart all the toys on my floor, and sitting IN the step stool again. Gotta go do nebs...

Shabbat Shalom, and have a peaceful weekend.