Sunday, April 22, 2007

'Roid Rage

Our Developmental Specialist told me this little phrase, and it so perfectly describes my darling toddler. She's been on Pulmicort (via nebulizer) for several weeks now (only one more week to go, I hope), and boy, does it affect her personality!

This afternoon, while David and Micah were at the office, I was typing and Sam was downstairs, Sofia crawled into the boys' room and started playing with Playmobile toys Sam had left on the floor. I called for him to clean up...and instead he came upstairs, pulled her away and locked up his room.

She sat in the hallway screaming with rage. She grimaces, she cries, she pushes.

At dinner, she was done before us and I put her on the floor. She kept trying to take things off the table, and when we took them out of her reach, she started screaming and crying.

What happened to my sweet baby girl? She's a full-blown toddler now. The good news is that she is motivated to learn new words, try new things, and do things like walk, so that she can actually GET what she wants. But oh, this is such a frustrating stage!