Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Really doing a blog!

Ok, I can't quite believe I'm joining the blogsphere. But David is encouraging me to do so, and I figure I might as well give it a try. I love to brag about my kids, right?

Today's conversation was about what to do with the boys over the summer. I was so tremendously stressed having them home for Pesach, and I'm a bit nervous about having Micah home again next week for school vacation. I have no idea how I'll cope if they are home all summer. So I called Ashland Public School Special Ed Dept. Sam has not yet been accepted for the summer school program (Morah A. is still working on the copious amounts of paperwork required), but I just wanted to know what the camp schedule would be. They still don't know! It's mid-April already.

Well, I thought of another (albeit far more expensive) idea: send Sam back to Kaleidescope, and get a tutor to come to the JCC. Fortunately, P. was able to recommend someone - now I just have to get around to calling to see if she's available, and then see if there's still room at camp. And JT is going again, so his mom can drive every day on her way to work.

That leaves me with Micah. Micah would do very very well in a structured, FULL DAY camp program. The question is, where do I send him? Put him on a bus for 45 minutes each way (same as Sam's ride) to go to Grossman, where I know tons of kids and adults? Or stay local, hoping he'll have a better experience at someplace like Pilgrim than his brother did? Big cost differential there.

If I can get both boys into camp at least a few weeks at a time, and then fill in with some Ashland activities, Sofia and I can enjoy the pool club, and the boys can swim in the evening. And I won't be so tempted to scream...

Which brings me to my toddler. What happened to the sweet, quiet little baby girl? Now she's a screaming, demanding, opinionated 2 year old! She really lets her brothers (and me) know when she's pissed off about something. The faces she makes are hysterical, but the screaming can get on my nerves, especially at dinner time. MWT got on the phone with her this evening, since the screams were interupting our own conversation, and told her to pipe down. She made a face at the phone (and then waved "bye").

Ok, gotta study - I'm reading Torah this weekend before we go to AW's birthday party.

(Just a note, I'm going to try to only use initials for anyone other than our family, unless it is important that the full name be published.)


Kei said...

Yay!!! Welcome to the world of blogs!!!!

FBF Rothkopf said...

Much thanks, my friend!

Chewy Mom said...

Welcome to the blog world!

Karen (Brig's mom--T21)