Tuesday, April 24, 2007

X-Men 3 and "The Cure"

Hmmmm, we just watched X-Men 3, and while it was a fairly poorly written movie, with too many simple answers, it certainly raised one big question:

- If there was a possibility of a cure for a genetic mutation, would it be ethically and/or morally correct to offer that cure, or would some people feel that it was imperative to issue the cure?

Obviously I'm not talking about the X-Men style mutation, but rather that little extra chromosome. If there was an antidote for Trisomy 21, would I want to "cure"
my daughter?

It's a wild question. My gut feeling is no - that extra chromosome is part of what makes her Sofia, a unique person in the universe. A teeny part of me wishes she wouldn't have to encounter all the ignorance and prejudice in the world - but I realize that there are people who will always find SOMETHING to hate other people about.


Jessica said...

I wondered that same thing when I watched X3 for the first time, but then I also thought no. Joey's extra chromosome makes him who he is and I wouldn't have him anyother way :)