Monday, April 16, 2007

Brothers and other people who scream

Why does it seem like the boys are always screaming at each other? How do I get them to stop yelling and start getting along (I know, that's two different things).

And La Principessa likes to make herself heard, too, so it's usually quite loud in my life.

Sofia's also fallen in love with her toothbrush, and has even made up a sign for it. She must be teething, because she wants to brush all the time, which mostly means chewing on the toothbrush for 30 minutes. And the nebs are really hyping her up - she was awake until almost midnight last night, and today she has NOT taken a nap.

I'm still fuzzy - migraines every day for more than a week have really knocked me out (and the meds just make me fuzzier). I needed this pajama-day, that's for sure.

A funny thing happened to me in the blogsphere just now: I was wandering around various sites from the ladies on T21 and their links, and I happened to find a site withe a posting about Passover. I clicked the link, and realized that the photos were from B and K's house in Florida! Too cool. "Hey, I recognize that house!"