Friday, June 1, 2007

A Better Day

Sofia did stay up late last night again, but since I'd napped when she did, I felt much better today. She's still fussy, but the Motrin does seem to help. She fell asleep on my bed around 11:30 am today (after we dropped off the boys and did a quick run to Target, we came home to see our OT, and then relaxed), and actually stayed asleep when I transfered her to the car at 1:00.

The boys are next door on the slip-n-slide right now. It got past 90 degrees today, and very humid - Yuch.

(Too cute, Sofia just looked out the side window and saw the boys - a most adorable giggle emerged!).

I'm trying to prep for David's party tomorrow. I've got close to 60 people coming! At least the house is clean now (ladies came today). I have to read Torah tomorrow morning, and there's a lunch (so we don't mess up the house), and then PREP.

(Now Sofia's yelling for the boys out the window, although the window is still closed).