Thursday, May 31, 2007


Well, since Sofia stayed up until midnight AGAIN, this morning I decided to call the pediatrician. I had to take her in the afternoon, since I was busy at Sam's school all morning - Portfolio Review, Parent Info session about the recent Math assessment (they used the G*MADE test), and then I drove 4 kids to the nursing home in Waltham where they did a choir concert.

So after lunch with some other moms, Sofia and I picked up Micah and raced to see Dr. G. She was the only one in - I like her, but she's not my first preference to see. Oh well. But she could not find anything specific. Sofia's ears were ok, throat was red but quick strep test was negative. Tylenol or Motrin. Yeah.

After we picked up Sam, I took all three to the grocery store, and then Sofia fell asleep on the way home. Finally - I also took a nap when we got home, while the boys watched "Born Free".

Sofia woke in time for dinner (David is off with his buddy, shopping at Cosco), and we all ate. Then Sam showered while Micah played "Pots & Pans" over and over again. Sofia really seemed to enjoy the concert!

But when I sent Micah up to bathe, it turned out Sam had used all the hot water. Sam also had a complete melt-down tantrum (again), because I wanted him to clean up and put things AWAY, and he really hates to put things AWAY! Argh.

Anyway, I wiped Sofia down with a wet washcloth, and then took her temperature - 100.3. Yikes. More Motrin. Now Sam's asleep, Micah's supposed to be asleep but he keeps trying to talk to Sam, and Sofia is playing with toys in my room (as usual).

I did a lot of cleaning so far, and I'm trying to get ready for the cleaning ladies tomorrow and then David's 40th birthday party on Saturday. Nearly everyone is coming!


amy flege said...

wow. born free!!! i havent seen that movie since i was like 5!!! i love that movie!!! hope your princess is feeling better!

FBF Rothkopf said...

I spotted the movie on a discount table of CDs 2 years ago, and I knew that the boys would love it - especially Sam. They watch it over and over (when they are not watching vintage pirate movies like "Captain Blood" or "Long John Silver"!).