Friday, May 11, 2007

Falling into place

Hmmm, it all just falls into place sometimes, doesn't it? I am thrilled to announce that I just hired a Mother's Helper! Sam's new reading tutor, E, a student at Framingham State College, just told me that once school ends next week she's free for the summer, and is looking for Mother's Helper work. She's a sweet girl, and the boys already really like her. Sooooo, next Monday, she'll be joining us for the 5pm - 7pm mishegas.

Sofia's not feeling great today - she just took a long afternoon nap, and now she's a bit crabby. I do hope she's not getting sick!

We had the Mother's Day Celebration and Shavuot Program at Micah's school this morning. Very cute, and Sofia really enjoyed sitting with the kids for the singing in the morning. (I'll try to put up some video later).

And most exciting, my order of "Gifts" arrived yesterday!!!! I gave CK and JLB their copies this morning. It looks so cool. SC from MDSC wants to put my article in the next newsletter; I've emailed R to see if that's allowed. That'd be cool.

I've been really tired, too, and with the rain today came a massive migraine, but I managed to get a nap in this afternoon, and I feel a little better now. We're going to friends tonight for Shabbos dinner (David is meeting us there; he still hasn't left the client site), nothing much planned for tomorrow after shul, and 2 birthday parties on Sunday.

Oh, my mom was passive-aggressive about Mother's Day. I know she wants us to come celebrate with her and make a big deal about her, but we simply can't. And I've gotten to a point where I am (somewhat) comfortable just knowing that my own household comes first. But it's still stressful to have to deal with her when she's like that. Especially when she did come and take care of my kids so I could attend the conference!

I am still processing all the information I learned at the conference. I enjoyed making new friends (especially J and D and A), and I feel very empowered. I'm trying to get the kids' paperwork (IEPs and medical stuff) organized, as suggested in several seminars.

Ok, Micah is demanding my attention now...Wishing you all a peaceful weekend.

(Oh! Sofia said "row row" this morning in babysitting!)


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