Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

My breakfast-in-bed arrived at 5:30 am, brought by an eager Sam. I sent him back to the kitchen with an appreciative thank-you (and instructions to put the yogurt back in the fridge!).

The kids all came cuddling around 8:30 (breakfast, too). I got some beautiful cards, and a small blue tote bag (David, being color-blind, was positive it was pink).

Eventually we all got dressed and fed and left the house. Sam had a birthday party at Tae Kwan Do, so we dropped him off and joined 3 other moms for food at Cafe Decadence (where David felt a bit like a fifth wheel). Then we took a little drive, and went back to pick up Sam. Sofia fell asleep on the ride, so David relaxed in the car a bit with her.

After pickup, we headed to Target. Sammy and I got some alone-time, picking up some much-needed supplies (diapers and things like that). Then we headed to A's 2nd birthday party for the afternoon. It was lovely and outdoors (which means Micah got a bad allergy attack due to the pollen, AND he got a bloody nose, so I gave him Benadryl). We were there until after 6pm.

Yesterday was somewhat nice, too. We got up late'ish, eventually went to shul. I put Micah and Sofia in babysitting (Micah was off-the-wall all weekend; high energy and low tolerance for things not going his own way). Sam went to the big-kid's service. Originally David took him, but when I got there, Sam wasn't happy to be there and David was getting upset, so I sent D off to the sanctuary. Sam eventually got into things, adding a lot to the Torah discussion. Lunch was nice (and I made a good effort to get into the Social Hall quick-fast, to satisfy David's need for me to be at the table right away!).

We came home, and David took a nap while the kids and I relaxed and had some quiet time (although no one else slept). Then we loaded up 2 bikes and the scooter and drove all the way to Lexington, arriving at the Rail Trail at 5pm.

David was a bit grouchy and strong-willed the whole day (he really wanted to go to Lexington, even though it was already late in the afternoon). I tried to hold it all together as well as I could.

David wore his roller-blades and pushed a sleeping Sofia in the jogging stroller. Micah tried to scooter, but eventually I ended up carrying him (and the scooter) on my bike with me. When we got back to where we'd parked, Sam and I took off for a short ride on our own, which was really really nice.

Then we tried finding dinner, and it was a disaster. Lexington was already getting crowded, and we made the mistake of driving to Moody Street in Waltham. By the time we got there and found parking, the restaurants all had one-hour or more waits, and Micah totally melted down. We skipped dinner.

Micah fell asleep (after screaming) in the car, so I fed the others when we finally got home, after 8pm. Whew.

So now it's Sunday night, the kids are cleaned and sleeping, David is morose (and now hungry), and I don't know what to think about any of it.

Happy Mother's Day to all.


amy flege said...

wow. sounds like a crazy mothers day to me!! gotta love it though!!!!