Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Early Intervention Conference

Greetings from the Early Intervention Consortium! As a Parent Contact, I was invited to attend this terrific conference. I got here a little late (had to drop the boys at school first; my parents are watching Sofia and picking up the boys after school).

The keynote speaker was very good, but some of what he said saddens me. Basically, by "labeling" someone with a diagnosis (dyslexia, Down syndrome), we segregate them from the rest of the community. And it made me sad for what the future might bring for Sofia. But at the same time I realize how hard I fought to actually GET a label for Sam (dyslexia), while I fight to NOT label Sofia with T21.

The first workshop I went to was about the Parent Leadership Project, which is how I'm here. The second was an excellent workshop on Advocacy. I had drinks with J, another DS mom, and then we had a nice Parent dinner (M from our playgroup is here also, with the baby). Now I'm in the room, rooming with another DS mom.

It's been really nice to meet everyone, and I feel like I'm learning alot about the resources that we have and how to fight for our children's rights. And it's just nice to not be home!