Monday, May 7, 2007

Lag B'Omer and Cardiology

Well, today was a good day. After I dropped off the boys at Sam's school (Micah gets a ride from there to nursery), I had my Torah study session, which I've missed (we've skipped it for about 5 weeks in a row). Always a nice conversation; today we discussed the idea of a Sabbatical, taking time off from normal routine to concentrate on yourself.

Then Sofia and I went to Children's Hospital in Waltham for her annual Cardiology checkup. She "passed" with flying colors! We can now dismiss three of her "issues": the cleft mitralvalve is so minor it makes no difference, the VSD seems to be clearing, and the PDA is sort of a non-issue. So officially she has an ASD and Pulminary Stenosis. They did not do an echo today (it's tough to do a non-sedated echo on a two year old; they move around too much). We'll come back next year, probably also no echo at that time. If we determine that she needs to go to the CathLab, it won't be at least until she's 4, more likely 5 or 6 years old. But if the right chamber isn't dilated, we won't have to do anything! And she no longer needs to take antibiotics before dental work (new finding from the ADA). Yippie!!! (Oh, and she weighed in at 21 lb, 15 oz!)

Sofia fell asleep in the car on the way back, but I had to go buy ice for the school, so I transfered her to the stroller and did my grocery shopping by balancing everything on top of the stroller, including 30 lb of ice! Whew.

Then I met JB over at the new school site, to drop off the ice and eat my lunch.
Then picked up Micah, and went back to MWJDS to meet J for an OT session. Sofia was walking all around, taking breaks just to eat.

The kids played after school, then we came home and I fell asleep, while the boys went across the street to have a water fight with the other kids, and Sofia trashed my room by dumping the laundry everywhere. Then we picked up the pizza and went to the picnic!

We held it on the new school property, which is incredibly beautiful. It was a really lovely evening. And I got all the Brandeis alumni to pose with their kids for a shot for the Brandeis Review. Very cool:
Drove JT home, listening to the three boys cackle about "flaming cow dung" when we passed the farms in Holliston. Sofia somehow managed to fall asleep during all their yelling, and even stayed mostly asleep when we got home and I changed her into her pajamas. The boys both peed in their pants, and Sam put his right on top of my (cloth) purse for the ride home, so I'm doing laundry now.

Ok, I stayed up way too late, playing on the computer last night, so I'm shutting down for the evening (ok, soon. Really!). G'night!


amy flege said...

what a wonderful cardi report!! glad it went so well!!