Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Up 'til midnight again, and Bad Toyota guy

Yup, Sofia was awake until midnight last night. We tried. We did the normal bedtime routine: bath, pajamas, grooming, a little exploring while the boys got ready, a book, then dark room and singing. Nope.

We tried just letting her cry in the crib. For an hour (with frequent "it's ok" breaks for me). Nope.

We tried making her sleep on our tummies. Nope.

We let her watch TV with us and play in our room. At 11:00 she got in bed with us to watch "The Daily Show" and "Family Guy". Eventually she nodded off, head at our feet, chewing on her spare toothbrush. She's teething, for sure.

Then Toyota kept my car all day, but eventually did nothing except ORDER the replacement part, which means I have to go thru this another day next week. The guy at the dealership was AWFUL. I have to make sure I ask for my friend J next time - he's the only decent one there. This guy, RON K., was rude to me (when I said the key-fob was not working well, he sarcastically said "Well, I guess that's important to you."), and then he got the info wrong and had my car scheduled to be done late afternoon, when I'd specifically said (multiple times) that I had a car-pool to do and needed the car by 1:30 at the latest. Argh.

Ok, Micah's having a little tantrum now. "Mamma, I need to do 'lectronics!"