Thursday, May 17, 2007

Honoring a LifeTime Achievement

David, Sofia and I had the pleasure of attending a benefit dinner last night in the Bronx, for the Mosholu Montefiore Community Center. My "great aunt" (actually my grandmother's cousin) Toby was presented with a lifetime achievement award. She was a founding board member, 65 years ago, for this community center.

We love Toby. Whenever David and I go into NYC, we make a point to go visit her, even if only for a few hours. She's an amazing lady. She is still working, in her 90s, as VP of West Bronx Housing, President of Concourse North Bronx Jewish Community Council, Secretary of the Bronx Jewish Community Council, AND Info & Referral Specialist at a social service agency (serving "the elderly" - who are frequently people far younger in years than she!).

She has been an inspiration to me, and I was delighted that we were able to attend the event. Miss Sofia was a very well behaved attendee, clapping enthusiastically during the speeches and chowing on all the yummy food. I also got to meet Toby's two sons, who are my father's contemporaries - I've never met them before.

It was a little sad to see how her sons don't get along with each other, and how they seemed less than enthused about the whole event - I think that they may have grown up resentful of all the energy their socialist parents put into other people. And it was sad to see how Toby is getting weaker physically. But she's still as sharp as ever, and was completely surprised that we were there (only 2 people there knew we'd be there!).

We slept at my mom's cousin's house in Riverdale, so it was nice to visit with them, too, and we drove home in time for me to go pick up the boys after school. Sam had slept over Sam D's house, Micah at Ben's house. They both had a great time (and when we arrived at Micah's school, he was so busy playing he didn't want to leave yet!).

Now David is sleeping and the kids are watching a movie and I'm about to start unpacking. Will put some photos up shortly...