Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Back from Florida

Well, I'm home. My luggage is not - apparently the bags never make the connection from West Palm to Boston at the layover at JFK. They should show up tonight.

David is still on his way home with the kids, but I've already picked up the sushi, so dinner is ready!

I had a great time this weekend. Yes, we all woke up early every morning. Whenever I called home in the morning, David would tell me to sleep! But sine I usually wake early, I couldn't stay asleep (I could nap easily, though!).

We had flown Thursday, so we stayed with my grandma in WPB. Took her out to dinner, and we all just collapsed into pajamas after dinner and went to sleep early.

Friday J made us join her for a walk around the complex, then we got up and out fairly early But we wasted a lot of time driving around (it was fun and interesting, but really the best swim day). By the time we got to the condo (in Jensen Beach on Hutchinson Island), the clouds had come in.

We checked in but could not get to the room for a few hours, so off we went to get our nails done and then grocery shop. We bought a bunch of healthy snacks, and plenty of wine.

Back at the condo, we ended up hanging out on the porch drinking 3 bottles! We also ate all the snacks that were supposed to last all weekend. We talked and laughed and talked and had so much fun. After several hours, we got hungry, so we stumbled across the street to the local restaurant. Good food (and more wine!). Then we came back, and rented "Meet the Fockers", which was surprisingly funny. We only made it through half the movie that night; finished the rest the next day.

(Oh, when we got back to the hotel, we met a dad with two little boys, one of whom has DS!)

Every day we woke up early, because that's what we are all used to. So I got to sit on the porch and watch sunrise over the ocean, which was gorgeous. Satursday morning, we sat on the beach for several hours, then in the afternoon we walked around a flee market. At night, we went to a restaurant down the street, and then sleep early (ok, maybe we're getting old!).

Sunday was cold and rainy and windy, so we went to a movie - 27 Dresses. Wow, James Marsden is GORGEOUS! I swear, I was drooling. Yum.

Then we drove up to Vero Beach Outlets and did some MAJOR shopping. I got a leather jacket for aout $30! Then dinner up there, and back to the condo. Another early night.

Monday, we had appointments for massages. It was a one-woman office, so we had to go one after the other. While one got a massage, the others walked around Old Town Stuart, which was cute.

Back to the condo, and I finally went into the hot tub for a little while. Then a quick shower, and we attended the Wine and Cheese party. That was more fun than we'd expected. We met some nice people, especially the "cruise director", a guy our age who I want to fix up with my friend S, and a Jewish lady from the Cape whose grandson goes to school in Framingham. We drank a lot again, so we walked back to the same restaurant across the street and had another yummy dinner.

Today we had to get up and get to the airport. Long day of flying, and our suitcases did not make the connection in New York, so I have to wait for them now...

Missed the kids and David, but boy, I wish Sofia would go to sleep!


Tom said...

Takes me back to when I used to live in WPB, being a beach bum, hanging out at Lake Worth Beach. I miss those sunrises... glad it was a good time and hope the transition back to "real life" isn't too abrupt. :)