Sunday, January 6, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend

Whew! When last I checked in, Micah had just barfed all over the rug. Friday, I kept him home from school. David was able to drive Sam, and my babysitter was able to come at noon, giving me enough time to do the grocery shopping before I had to pick up Sam. I was backing out of the garage to go shopping, my minivan slid down the driveway, and landed rather solidly in the snowbank at the bottom of my impossible driveway! Fortunately, E let me use her car. I called David, and he said "nah, don't bother with AA, I'll get it out when I get home."

Yeah, right. So our friends come for supper - always fun when S&R join us - their son is one of Micah's good friends, and they are both really fun. They arrived early, so the kids (their daughters didn't come this time) watched a movie upstairs while I cooked and we all chatted. Miss Sofia passed out on my floor, so she missed the dinner (I'm not worried - she eats ALL DAY).

After they left, David attempted to move the minivan. Yeah. No such luck.

So first thing in the morning, I call AAA. An hour later, they call back saying they are having trouble locating a truck! But eventually someone showed up:


Yes, they did get the car out, and David said it was ok when he drove it down the street and back up the driveway. But tomorrow I have to take it to Toyota, because three different warning lights are stuck on.

So we never made it to shul as planned, since the car didn't get moved until 10:30. But later in the afternoon, David's cousin and her family came up, and later Laura and Lilie joined us (actually, Laura dropped off Lilie, and drove to my friends' house to trim their dog!).

We had a very nice time together. The babies are adorable, and Miss Sofia was fascinated with them.

Sofia & Lilie:


Baby Ian all snuggled in for the ride home:

Big Cousin Micah and Little Cousin Lilie:

I was out-of-sorts, though, and needed a little retail therapy, so before dinner, H and I took a ride over to CVS, and sat on the floor examining hair colors until we picked one (eggplant!), and then came back and she helped color my hair. It came out really nice! Just a little tiny shine of purple on top of the black. Perfect color for me!

I made a feast of spaghetti and meatballs, and we had a terrific visit. Sam went to sleep right after dinner, but Micah was up until nearly 10pm. Micah has not been feeling well all weekend, and he switches from happy to insanely angry to whiny at the drop of a hat.

At 2 am, Micah was in our room, whining that he did not know where to sleep.
"So go to bed"
"No, I don't want to sleep there."
"Then sleep on the floor here."
"No, I don't want to sleep there."
"Where DO you want to sleep?"
"I don't know." (this was yelled, which is really special at 2am).

Eventually I got him settled at the foot of our bed (I think he really wanted to cuddle in with me, but I REALLY didn't want him too - it's very uncomfortable for me). David is not feeling well, with a head cold and aches, so he was semi-lucid for the whole thing, arguing back at Micah (in retrospect, I guess it was funny, to hear them both arguing in their sleep, but at 2 am, I wasn't so pleased with it).

This morning, I found Miss Sofia in her crib stark naked. The diaper was on the floor. It took me a minute to find the pajamas, and when I showed them to her, she very emphatically announced "DONE".
"Oh, you don't want to wear these?"
"DONE!" (with hand motions this time).
Ok, I can take a hint.

Oh, did I mention the hives? Friday, just before he went to bed, Micah came in complaining his back itched. Nothing new, he's had excema since he was born. But when we looked, his back had several large splotches of hives!

I gave him Benadryl, and waited. They didn't respond quickly, so I did check with the on-call pediatrician about how long to wait before using the EpiPen and would I need to bring him to the ER if I penned him. Fortunately, they did start going away, so we didn't have to pen him.

But Saturday night, same thing - more hives! And today, he was sooooooo whiny. He was supposed to go to a birthday party at a gymnastics place. When I told him where it was, he
announced "No, I'm not going to gymnastics. I hate gymnastics."

I eventually got him to get dressed and into the car (originally my friend was to drive him, but between the hives and the whining, I felt I should go).

As soon as we left our street, he started whining that he was hungry, and worked himself into a full fit (he's had several over the past few days). Then he almost fell asleep, but was still awake when we arrived at the party. But only barely, and really hungry. So after about 15 minutes of him refusing to participate in the party, we left. I took him to Starbucks ('cause I desperately needed a coffee!). and as soon as he got some food, he was fine. Sigh.

Came home, found David asleep again, Sam watching TV downstairs, and Sofia wearing just shirt and diaper, watching "Signing Times" and trashing our room. I attempted to check my email, and Sofia wandered downstairs. Then Micah yelled "Mom, Sofia stinks!"

I found her at the bottom of the (carpeted) stairs, wearing only the diaper, but she'd pooped, and it was leaking...on the carpet. UGH!

Ran her upstairs, cleaned her up, threw her in a bath, had Sam come watch her in the tub, and ran back down to clean the carpet before Micah walked on it. All the while, David is vaguely moaning from our room "What happened?"

Ok, got it all cleaned up. Time to get dressed for the gala! Got dressed, discovered that the babysitter (our former nanny, not our current mother's helper) was running really late, started stressing. But we made it in time.

Lovely evening, except when I was told to save a seat for someone and had to move another couple and then another couple moved and my husband got angry at me but then I let other people explain what was going on and then he was ok. (Whew, I'm sorry, that's just stream-of-consciousness).

Nice evening, and of course we won one of the raffle baskets (Spa stuff, yeah!). David's company had donated enough for a large ad AND something like 300 raffle tickets, so I had a good chance of winning.

Now we're home, David went straight to bed, I'm typing. He's sick, I can feel it starting in my own throat, I'm not sure what to do about Micah, and Sofia appears to have diarrhea. Yeah. Gonna be a real fun week!

Oh, Sofia has gotten the hang of the potty training - now she grabs the little seat and waits for help to put it up on the toilet. She did pee on the rug on Friday, but not since then...

And she loves to take off all her clothing!