Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sick boy, Popping Girl

Well, Micah just barfed all over the place. His tummy has been bothering him for a few days, so hopefully he just got rid of it all, but WOW what a mess - and smell! Poor baby.

Miss Sofia, on the other hand, actually pooped on the potty earlier!

And Sam...well, he's just nuts. Exhibit A: He's been stressing about summer camp, and told me that he wants to go to a camp that's just for rock climbing. When I reminded him that, as an Upper Camper next summer, he'll get to do rock climbing, he was unconvinced, so then we stated talking about the arts component (he goes to an arts camp). He told me he is afraid of Cray-pas, because they are oil-based "and if you bang them together they can explode". Oy. Ok, then Exhibit B: Sam went to the early Tae Kwan Do class, which generally has younger kids, plus the older sister of a kid with DS (the sister is there as the aide - she's a higher rank belt, and takes her own class later). Anyway, on the way home, Sam was very upset. Apparently one of the teachers (higher-ranking older students) had been teasing some of the kids (including the sister/aide) and "said some bad words" (which in Sam's world, could be things like "stupid" or "dumb"). Sam was very very upset, and made me call the office on the way home.

The teacher did call back, and not only apologized, but explained to Sam that in no way was he trying to be mean to the kids, and he has a really great relationship with the sister/aide. Sam felt better afterwards. I think he just did not understand the humor of the friendly teasing that might have been going on (I didn't hear any of it; I was too busy chasing Sofia around).

I love being a mommy. I love being a mommy. I love being a mommy. (yeah, I'll just keep saying it...)


amy flege said...

hey, just think of it this way... if we didnt have days like that our lives would be soooo boring!!!

FBF Rothkopf said...

Oh, but once in a while, I'd really like to see what boring was like! (Nah, not really, what would I write about?)