Sunday, January 13, 2008

This should be interesting

I'm going to try to blog while the boys are still awake...and bouncing around my room. Hmmmm.

School has already been canceled for tomorrow. We are expecting about 12" of snow. Yeah. And David is on his way to El Paso TX. Which means I will be home, alone, with all three kids, all day. And our driveway. Yeah.

So right now, it's 90 minutes past their bedtime, but I'm letting the boys continue to bounce, in hopes that they'll be slightly subdued tomorrow morning. (Yeah, who am I kidding?)

I've had a migraine for days, my normal January migraine due to the weather pressure.

Today, I (bravely? insanely?) took my three kids plus one extra (Sam's friend J) to Chuckie Cheese for two hours. I have to say, once you get past the noise and the cost (fortunately, J's mom gave me coupons), it's really a perfect place, because all the kids and parents get their hands stamped upon entry, and you have to leave WITH the correct group! So I can find a table, and worry about following Sofia around, and not worry about the boys. Micah plants himself in front of the Star Wars game or a driving game, and doesn't care about tickets. Sam is on a mission for tickets. We had a pizza (ok, the boys each had one skinny slice, Miss Sofia had three!) and lots of soda (free refills). Then we took J back to our house.

I set up the soccer goal that my MIL got the boys for Hanukah, so the three kids played outside for a while, then we went in and they watched TV. J's mom (a friend of mine) and sister came to pick him up and ended up staying for dinner, which was a lot of fun.

Then Miss Sofia stripped naked (in the living room) and headed directly for the bathtub. So I had her in there for over 30 minutes (Sam joined her). She went right to bed after that.

I braided Sam's hair just like Sofia's...

Ok, both boys are "bored - and not even close to tired." What should they do? Hmmmm...

Friday night was a really nice dinner with just the 5 of us. Saturday, we actually made it to shul, and it was nice. Afternoon, the kids and I were playing outside for a while, then David took the boys to a science program at the library while I took Sofia for a walk. She promptly fell asleep, so I put her in the crib and spent 2 whole hours cleaning out my basement! Amazing.

We took the kids to the local restaurant for dinner. The staff there always comments on how well behaved they are, and David and I are always amazed, because we think they are wild. But I'm glad other people think they are good.

Oh, my neighbor let us borrow their old Ketler trike for Sofia. I've been saving up Pampers points for 3 years, trying to get this thing! She loves it.

Wish me luck tomorrow! And I'll have to figure out how to clean off the driveway. Oh no!