Monday, January 14, 2008

Whew, I survived the Snow Day

Yes, it really snowed a lot, so it was a good thing school was canceled. The day was not too bad, considering. I got up when Sofia awoke (around 7:30). Micah watched TV, Sam was drawing and bouncing around the living room.

Sam went outside mid-morning, and then I got up the energy to go attempt to clear the driveway. I did manage to use the snowblower for the top, flat part, but then the darn thing kept clogging. I called over my neighbor, who had just finished his driveway, to help me unclog it (I've never used the snowblower before!). He ended up using his snowblower to do our driveway - MUCH THANKS!!!!

The only thing that would ever get Micah to go outside to play was the temptation of playing with the 11 year old next door. My boys both adore A. So the three of them played outside for a while (I went in when they came out, so Sofia did not have the run of the house!). Then they all came here and played. After lunch, Sam and A. played guitar - they have both just started taking lessons - and apparently they made up a song!

Sofia watched an awful lot of Signing Times videos, but she now can sign several days of the week! I spent about an hour on the phone with the caterer for the Shabbaton dinner on the 25th. Oh, and I booked our spa appointments in Florida! Yeah!

Not much of a day, really. I didn't have a lot for dinner; Micah's tummy is still bothering him (we've decided "Mr. Creepy" is the name of the 'bug' in his tummy that's making him poop so much). Sofia only got halfway out of pajamas - I put her in tights, but left her pj shirt on.

At one point, I was reading, and Sofia brought her "Where's Chimpy" book over and started reading it to me. She would point to the pictures and tell me various things in them! It's totally her favorite book right now. Very very cute to watch her looking at it. (I just wrote a thank you letter to the author - of course, the book was written 20 years ago!)

Just got a link to this terrific story: Meanest Mom on the Planet

Ok, time to pack, and NOT stay ont he computer all night!