Wednesday, January 2, 2008

First day back to school

Woo hoo! The boys went back to school today. Both of them were excited (actually, both thought they had school yesterday!), but I think they were nervous, because they started fighting before we left the house. It was a long day for them, and I could tell they were very tired when I picked them up. But they are asleep now (whew).

And my mother's helper came early in the morning and stayed home with Miss Sofia, so I could go for my physical. Which first meant no breakfast (have to fast before the cholesterol test) and no COFFEE, so between drop-off and the appointment, I wandered around Target like a zombie.

Appointment was good. I love my doctor, and thankfully I'm in good health, aside from needing to lose some weight and to exercise more - nothing new there, right? I DO have a plan, by the way. When Sofia starts the preschool, after she turns 3 in February, I fully intend to join the Curves down the street, because I'll be on my own for hopefully 4 mornings each week!

After my appointment, I met my friend R at our nail place for manicures - we have the snow-date for the Gala this weekend! Then I got some watches repaired (can't find a replacement band for my pink Speedo, just sent them an email), and stood in line at the post office to send out some stuff (DANG - I forgot to mail the hats to Miss Chelsea again!).

I stopped home to pick up the bedspread that Sofia had barfed on last week, and she was very excited to see me. She got angry when I left again right away, but I came back in just a few minutes. Then E left, I ate a quick lunch, and Sofia and I parked in front of the day school for a nap.

Sam had his therapy appointment (yeah!), and Micah had a tantrum in the car. Got gas, drove around, stopped at the drugstore for no apparent reason. Then picked up Sam and went HOME.

I managed to beat Micah at chess again, but only barely. The kid is GOOD!

I think Miss Sofia is teething, 'cause she's chewing on her fingers like crazy. OH, and we had our first experiments on the POTTY. This afternoon I put her on for a minute or two, and then again this evening - and this time she pee'ed! She was So unhappy about it, though. But we made sure to offer tons of excited praise. I'll keep trying. She's so ready. The other day, she "told" David that she had to go, but he thought she was just commenting on the fact that he was about to change her diaper...until she pee'ed all over the changing table...

I'm exhausted - I didn't sleep well at all last night. And both David and I had dreams about driving off of cliffs! What's with that?!