Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Never a dull moment!

So, today was a plunge right back into reality. The boys are a bit wild in the morning. Micah climbed into my bed at about 5:45, and was really just bouncing off the walls. I could really see the effect of too much antihistamine.

I finally got them to school. Since our regular coffee date had to cancel on us, Sofia and I ended up just goig directly over to EI and hanging out in the playrooms until her class started. She was very funny - she grabbed a baby doll from one classroom, and then took it to the bathroom, pulled over a ladder, and climbed up onto the diaper table with the doll so she could "change" the diaper!

Eventually I could leave, and I went directly over to the pediatrician's office to talk abotu Micah. They suggested seeing if I could get right into the allergist's office, so I called and I could.

But the allergist is at Newton-Wellesley Hospital, which is about 30 minutes away. So I had to make sure David could pick up Sofia, then I had to bring her carseat back over to EI. Then a quick stop for coffee and a book. Picked up Micah, had a chat with the staff about this weekend's Shabbaton.

Drove Micah to Newton. I love his allergist and her nurse. They are both very sensitive to Micah's style, and both noted immediately how he was bouncing off the walls.

We decided to do a full blood-work panel, and Dr. Anne and I poured over a list of things to screen for. Then I had to take Micah down to the lab for the blood-draw. Oy. He got nervous, but I managed to keep him busy giggling so he didn't get too upset. He was not too thrilled, but we managed to do the draw, and then they wrapped him up...and THEN they spotted the other half of the list! Ooops. They'd pulled 5 vials; they needed 4 more. I grabbed him from behind and said "Do it now!".

He was good. We promised him treats, they gave him a gift certificate for the giftshop and the coffee shop (and me for parking!). So we made it out, and then had to race back to Ashland to pick up Sofia, because David had a meeting at 1:30 (we got there at about 1:20!).

Stopped home for a moment, then I took them both for lunch. Then I'd promised Micah a treat, so we went to GameSpot and he paid half and I paid half for a Pokemon game for the Nintendo. He was so happy!

We picked Sam up, stayed to play a bit, and on the way home I realized 1) I'd missed my OBGYN appointment, and 2) we had 2 medical students scheduled to visit at 6pm for Operation Housecall (where they send the students to homes where at least one kid has "Special Needs", to see what real life is like). So I cleaned up the house, fed the kids, and the students arrived.

They stayed 3 hours (planned on 2, but we got to talking!). David didn't come home until 7:15, so the first half was me talking and the kids showing off. Eventually I sent the boys up for baths, and Sofia took off all her clothing and demanded a bath too. When David got home, she was butt naked at the top of the stairs...

Got the kids to sleep, finished talking to the students, and now we're both working on the computers and watching the PBS special about Jews in America.

Tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY!!!!! Planned: drop off the boys, go to coffee with Sofia and my friends, then take Sofia to two different evaluations at the public school. And out to dinner with David!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

LOL sounds like one of my days! Happy Birthday tomorrow! :o)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!