Sunday, January 27, 2008

How to condense one month into 5 days

Whew! What a whirlwind it's been!

- drop boys at school
- take Sofia to EI early, play until time for playgroup
- go to pediatrician's office ot see what to do about Micah.
- call allergist, find out they can take us (otherwise pediatrician would have seen us)
- call David - can he pick up Sofia?
- drop Sofia's carseat at EI
- pick up Micah
- zoom to Newton-Welleseley to see Dr. Anne. Come up with lengthy list of things to check.
- 2 blood draws!
- pick out toy from gift shop
- zoom to Ashland
- pick up Sofia and her carseat about 2 minutes before David's meeting starts
- run home, get money for me and for Micah from his bank
- take kids to lunch
- take kids to GameSpot
- help Micah pick out a game - he paid half - the the Nintendo DS
- pick up Sam
- wait around while Sam plays with his friend on the playground
- drive home - finally look at calendar, realize I've missed my own doctor appointment!
- call doc, reschedule
- also realize that 2 medical students from Operation Housecall are coming at 6pm!
- get home, frantically clean house
- feed kids early
- students arrive promptly at 6pm = talk to them while trying to make the kids seem both interesting (Micah was glued ot the Nintendo) and semi-sane (not possible).
- try to get kids to bath and bed while also talking to med students. David arrived 7:15, to find Sofia stark naked at the top of the stairs, banging on the bathroom door because Sam was in the bathtub and she wasn't.
- students left 9pm. Fall asleep.

- drive boys to school, fighting with Micah
- coffee with the girls (it was my birthday!) until Sofia put on her coat and said "Bye" and walked to the door.
- home on the computer while Sofia watched Signing Times. Work on prep for Friday Night Dinner.
- glance at the calendar again and realize the 11:30 appointment is really at 10:30!
- yank a new diaper on Sofia and race to Ashland Public School for PT Eval. Sofia was tired and crabby, so she kept fighting with the woman, but she did a lot more than the woman expected. "I've never seen such a strong child!"
- load Sofia in car and drive for 30 minutes until she's asleep
- find a Subway sandwich shop where I can pull up right in front and leave my sleeping child in the car while I get us food. Holliston.
- Back to Ashland, waiting for the next eval.
- Wake up Sofia for the eval, which was supposed to last 1 hour.
- 100 minutes later, finally leave. Those ladies (Inclusion Specialist, OT, and preschool teacher) were having SO much fun with her! They were very impressed.
- race to pick up the boys, also pick up some stuff for the Dinner.
- whew, a few hours at home, boys on computer and nintentdo, Sofia watching movie, I work on the computer prepping for dinner
- E arrives, and eventually David gets home
- dinner at Legal Seafood for my birthday. Drink too much wine.
- get home, fall asleep.

- Micah in INSANE mood. Return of the Demon Child From Hell! At 7:45, when I usually leave, he was still in pajamas!
- finally get out of the house, but Micah refuses to buckle in. "Micah, if I have to come back there and buckle you, you will be very unhappy!" "I'm ALREADY VERY UNHAPPY!"
- Call school to warn them about Micah
- drop boys at school.
- Gotta get gas! Still no breakfast.
- race to shul to set up for the dinner. Tables not up yet, find custodian, set up.
- Can't leave in time to go back to school for 9:30 meeting with new on-call nurse, so have a quick phone conference with her instead. Continue setting up.
- Whew, setup complete. Go to breakfast.
- Off to my 11:30 doctor's appointment. 3 phone calls between parking lot andentering building!
- Drop off Sofia at the babysitting, which closes at noon.
- Try to check in, find out they wrote down my appointment for 11, not 11:30!
- Eventually get them to take me.
- Have a small but annoyingly painful procedure (ok, replace IUD with different kind).
- pick up Sofia at 12:01
- She falls asleep rather quickly; sit in front of the boys' school until 2pm
- Get boys
- Race to Target, get air matress for my parents to sleep on
- Race home so Sam can get tutored by E, and we can all change for dinner
- Back to Shul for dinner.
- Dinner was really fun, but service was more than an hour, so kids were a little bouncy, but well-behaved. Micah stole the show by being hysterical during L'Cha Dodi
- Home by 9:20, bathe the kids, settle my parents down
- passout

- Micah awake befoe 7, which means so am I.
- breakfast, showers, dress for shul
- Sam and his classmates read Torah beautifully, and I managed to do a good job on the Haftorah.
- Nice lunch.
- load extra stuff to go back to school into my car.
- Leave shul 1:30, back home with my parents, and my friend S and her son
- hang out at home. Sharon and I go through the large box of clothing my mom brought up in December - we both got a good haul!
- Parents leave 5pm. Order pizza
- Havdalah, then David gets pizza.
- after friends leave, baths and bed.
- pass out while putting Micah to bed. Pass out quickly upon moving to my own bed.

- drive to another friend's house, with Sofia and Sam.
- hand Sam off to his friend's dad
- go to a Craft party with Sofia - have a blast!
- meet David at Fresh City for lunch; he already dropped Micah at the first of 2 birthday parties
- get a newspaper, find houses to look at
- go to an Open House in Sudbury
- help some kids get their car out of a snowbank
- see some other Open Houses, but don't go into anything else.
- Bookstore, bathroom and train table
- Go pick up the boys at Plaster Fun Time (site of 2nd birthday party).
- End up taking home Micah and J, while J's dad takes Sam and S swimming.
- we're home now waiting to exchange boys...

I'M TIRED!!!!!!